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Feds Seize Seven Ounces of Cocaine Stuffed Into Tamales at Houston Airport

Can't get any dumber than someone trying to walk through Customs at the airport with FOOD.

Here’s What Breast Implants Stuffed With $2.5Mil Worth of Cocaine Look Like After They We’re Ripped Out of a Woman’s Chest

A woman with boobs made of cocaine has to be someone's fantasy, right?

Hunter S. Thompson’s Daily Cocaine and Booze Diet Is Going Viral Again, So We’re Blogging It Again

Last year a newspaper clipping from E. Jean Carroll’s biography Hunter: The Strange and Savage Life of Hunter S. Thompson started blowing up on the

Breaking: Golf.com Reporting Dustin Johnson Suspended From PGA Tour After Testing Positive for Cocaine

Welp, that wasn't shoved under the rug for very long.

The Pros and Cons of Doing Cocaine, In Honor of Hunter S. Thompson’s Birthday

Cocaine is a magical powder that screws with everyone's brain worse than a bad relationship.

‘Comedians in Cars Getting Cocaine’ Is a Much Better Version of the Jerry Seinfeld Sketch

Because it involves cocaine.

Your Cocaine Will Not Eat Your Flesh


Here’s a Foolproof Way to Fall Asleep After a Night of Too Much Cocaine

We've all been there.

Coked-Out College Bro Has the 48-Hour Weekend of His Life

Hook Up Heroes are back in time for your weekend!

Dan Bilzerian Tells Story Of His Two Heart Attacks, Which Were Obviously Caused by Hookers, Viagra and Blow

Just a casual story for this Tuesday morning about having two heart attacks amidst an attempt to fuck a hooker.

The British Are Doing So Much Cocaine It’s Contaminating Their Drinking Water

Those wacky Euros.

This Cocaine Sandwich Looks Delicious

It's like Sriracha, but with more piquancy.

Man Named Edward Cocaine Arrested For Possession of…

I'm not sure if this is irony.

Here Is What $110 Million In Cocaine Looks Like

Holy crap.

$2 Million Worth of Cocaine Was Found Inside Frozen Goat Meat at JFK Last Month

The goat, it appears, died in vain.

Map: Which Country Does the Most Cocaine?

It's not Saudi Arabia.

Uh Oh! It Looks Like Someone in the Vatican Has a Cocaine Problem

Gives new meaning to "Upon this Rock."

Diet Coke’s New Slogan Is “You’re On Coke.” No, Really.

If you live in New York City, you’re going to see some ads around town that accuse you of being […]

Blacked Out Bro ‘Accidentally’ Spends Two Grand on Strippers, Plus Other Hook Up Heroics

Sorry we've been gone for so long! Long story that you don't want to hear. As per usual, send in those hook up hero stories

Blacked Out Bro ‘Accidentally’ Spends Two Grand on Strippers, Plus Other Hook Up Heroics

Sorry we've been gone for so long! Long story that you don't want to hear. As per usual, send in those hook up hero stories

Florida Man Tries To Pay Bills With Crack

A Florida man tried to pay his bills in the most Florida man way possible. By bartering with the crack cocaine he possesed. 

Laxaholics Anonymous: Ever Wonder Why Lax Bros Like Cocaine So Much?

As the stereotype goes, Lax bros and cocaine go together like burger and fries. The troubling subject of "laxaholics" is covered on this week's episode

Hedge Funder’s New Book: ‘There’s an Ounce of Cocaine in Microwave and We Ordered Chinese Escorts’

As the years pass, we're starting to get a better and better look at just how utterly insane some Wall Streeters' lives were during the

Bro Tries to Sell Cocaine in the Hood, Might Have Had More Success If It Wasn’t the Energy Drink

Two cocaine pranks in two days. Next up: heroin pranks! 

Florida Man Yells About How Much He Loves Cocaine While Getting Arrested

Best part of this story? He asked for more while getting arrested. Need I quote the late, great Rick James?

Gary Busey Has Deep Thoughts About Hobbits, Because Of Course He Does

Hey Internet: How the f*ck did you miss an obscure YouTube channel featuring Gary Buseey? Started many months ago, "did TheBuseyZone" barely has any YouTube views.

Woman Arrested For Hiding 3 Pounds of Cocaine in Her Voluptuous Breasts

Idiot. They’re ALWAYS going to look there.

Comedian Brings Heckler On Stage, Who Drops His Bag of Cocaine

Comedian Jake Weisman just wanted to perform his set at the Hell Yes Festival in New Orleans. Unfortunately, he had to deal with a member

This Is What 9 Straight Years of Rigorous Cocaine Use Will Do to Your Nose

James Brown --that's this cat with the jacked-up nose-- has always strived to do things really well. Case in point: he amassed enough of a

In the War on What Nation Does the Most Cocaine, America Wins in a Landslide

It sickens me how much ass America kicks at EVERYTHING. Can't just be the best at sports, World Wars and virtually everything else, we have

Cocaine a Sure-Fire Way to Relieve PMS Symptoms

A woman in Utah purchased a box of tampons last weekend only to discover that the tampons were filled with bags of cocaine. I’m assuming

The Truth About Drug Tests, Part 1: Types of Tests and Detection Times

It’s hard to find a person more panicked and desperate than a Bro trying to pass a drug test. This desperation has led to a

To No One’s Surprise, NCAA Says Lacrosse Players Use Drugs the Most Among Student Athletes

A new survey published today from the NCAA claims male lacrosse players led all other 23 sanctioned sports in the use of....

Here’s Some Footage of a Man In Store Crushing Cocaine On A Box Of Diapers and Snorting It

Here's some CCTV security cam footage of a dude chopping up coke on a box of diapers and doing a few lines. Personally,

Infographic: Everything You Need to Know About Smuggling Cocaine in a Submarine

As it turns out, home-made submarines (Narco Subs) are 33% responsible for all the cocaine smuggled into the United States from Columbia.The Navy estimates that

A Man Fishing Finds What He Thinks To Be Cocaine Floating in the Water, Snorts It, Freaks Out, Dies

A 53-year old, Florida man died last week after snorting an ass-load of what he believed to be cocaine. He believed it to be that

Beware: Batch of Contaminated, Flesh-Rotting Cocaine Hits the United States Yayo Market

Beware! There's a new batch of cocaine on the streets of New York and L.A. It's tainted with levamisole, a chemical used for deworming livestock.

UPDATE: This is Definitely Not a Video of Disney Star Demi Lovato Blowing a Fat Line of Cocaine

Back in mid-November, allegations surfaced about Demi Lovato attending a "coke party" in North Richland Hills, Texas. An attendee of the party told the gossip