Former Brazil Soccer Star Sold His World Cup Medal To Buy Cocaine


Former Brazil soccer star Paulo Cesar has admitted to selling his 1970 World Cup Medal to buy cocaine.

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Erin Andrews’ Boyfriend NHL Player Jarret Stoll Arrested For Cocaine And Molly Possession In Vegas


The Los Angeles Kings didn't make the playoffs, so Erin Andrews' hockey player boyfriend Jarret Stoll headed to Vegas for some fun in the desert this weekend.


Customs Officials Seized A Record Two Ton Cocaine Shipment In The French Caribbean


French customs officials landed the haul of a lifetime on Wednesday when they seized a vessel carrying more than two tons of cocaine off the coast of Martinique in the French Caribbean.


Rihanna Definitely Isn’t Doing Cocaine In This Sketchy Instagram Video, According To Rihanna


There are rumors of a Rihanna cocaine video leaking to the Internet this afternoon.

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Kids Steal A Box Of Cocaine From Their Neighbors Except When They Tasted It They Realized…CHRIST I NEED TO GO VOMIT


Here is some cocaine: Now here are some ashes: Notice how one looks rather lumpy while the other looks smooth like snow.

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Dunderhead Calls 911 To Report His Cocaine Was Stolen By Wife And He Gets Arrested


When you're standing at the altar exchanging devoted vows and you're gazing into the eyes of exquisite woman that you will treasure for the rest of your days and be the mother of your children, the notion of her betraying you never creeps into your mind.

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Police Find Some Cocaine, Take To Facebook To See Whose Cocaine It Is


The police are using a Facebook post to locate the owner of some cocaine they found.

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Meet The Chick Who Stole $126,000 From Her Employer To Fuel Her Aggressive Cocaine Habit


I don't know how former Aldi manager and cocaine connoisseur, Louise Mulholland, wound up falling so deeply in love with the drug that it caused her to steal $126,000 from Aldi, but in my head all cocaine addicts first encounter with the drug goes something like this.

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