The Outcome Of Mixing Coca-Cola With Milk Just Blew My Damn Mind

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Do you know what happens when you pour milk into Coca-Cola and then wait an hour.

iphone 6

Try To Guess Whether Or Not This iPhone 6 Will Work After This Guy Boils It In A Pan Full Of Coca-Cola


After reading that title were you filled with wonderment, thinking “Oh wow, Coca-Cola isn’t the same as water so maybe the phone will still work.

coca cola

Coca-Cola Uses Sexy Models Covered In Milk For New Ad Campaign And Of Course It’s Pissing People Off


For some scary reason Coca-Cola is now in the milk business with something called Fairlife, a "premium milk brand.

Social media

Coke Creates the Perfect Solution For Ending Social Media Addiction


Social media addiction is crippling society as we know it, ruining our real life relationships with people in an endless web of Likes and ReTweets.


This woman’s reaction to Coca-Cola’s controversial SB commercial will make you rethink America


Coca-Cola caught a lot of heat for its Super Bowl commercial that featured people of all cultures singing "America the Beautiful" in their native tongue.

wonderful pistachios

Ranking the best Super Bowl commercials: food and booze


This year's Super Bowl commercials were more disappointing that everyone's favorite Papa John's franchisee.


Guyism Speed Round for June 10


In today's Guyism Speed Round, Katie Nolan discusses a couple who got married at an IKEA, Coca-Cola's new bottle made entirely of ice, and more.

Rum and Coke

The sexy orgin of the Cuba Libre cocktail


The Cuba Libre sounds like a fancy cocktail, but it's really just a rum and Coke.

soft drinks

Coke’s ‘Coming Together’ fights back against obesity claims


Coca-Cola is fighting back against Fatty McFatpants with a new ad campaign meant to show that Coke isn't the enemy.


Stunning CGI Commercial Spec Features Coke Can Fighting Through Hordes of Evil Pepsi


"They may take our bottles, but they'll never take our taste.

spec ad

Coke vs. Pepsi battle gets action movie treatment


One director is single-handedly trying to re-ignite the cola wars.

vending machine

Coca-Cola vending machine trades soda for dancing


Coca-Cola's newest vending machine gives out free sodas when someone successfully plays a knockoff version of Dance Dance Revolution.

What is in a chicken nugget

10 really disgusting food facts you didn’t know

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If you're hungry right now, you won't be after you read this article.

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