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A Little League Coach Consoled His Team With One of the Best Speeches You’ll Ever Hear

Incredible moments.

Lingerie Football Coach Chris Michaelson Continues to Be a Giant Dick to His Players

Loud noises.

What the Heck Was Going on With San Francisco Giants First Base Coach Roberto Kelly’s Butt?


German Soccer Coach Executes Most Dramatic Flop in History

And down he goes.

High School Baseball Coach Goes on 17-Minute Expletive-Filled Tirade, Is Promptly Suspended

You @#*#*##rs!

Is This Rex Ryan Eating at a Denny’s in Florida?

It certainly appears so. 

SIU Basketball Coach Barry Hinson Had Himself an Angry Post-Game Rant Last Night

Nothing beats a post-game press conference meltdown. Southern Illinois Basketball Coach Barry Hinson had his blown-gasket moment last night after Murray State handed the Salukis (the fuck is

Here’s a Supercut of Athletes and Coaches Being Pissed Off with the Media, Refs, EVERYONE

"Took long enough for someone to make this clown video, Bro." -Pissed off athlete

People in Sports Who Totally Didn’t Deserve Their Jobs

You know how your Dad hooked you up with a family friend right out of college for your first job? That happens in sports, too. 

Sorry Texans, Vikings, Redskins, Falcons Fans; Jon Gruden Won’t Be Coaching Your Team Next Year

If you are a fan of a team about to can its coach, his replacement won't be Jon Gruden. 

21 Funniest Coach Freakouts Ever

There are few things funnier than an accomplished older gentlemen breaking down, losing control, and unleashing the wrath of a thousand Tysons on an unsuspecting

Video Shows Rutgers Coach Mike Rice Pegging His Players With Basketballs, Heaving Homophobic Slurs

Rutgers basketball coach Mike Price was suspended three games and fined $50,000 in December for verbally and physically abusing his players during practice.

Heather Cox Tried to Interview Stanford’s David Shaw After the Rose Bowl and It Went Very Poorly

After Stanford held off Wisconsin to win yesterday’s Rose Bowl, ESPN sent it down to sideline reporter Heather Cox to interview Cardinal coach David Shaw.

University of Minnesota WR A.J. Barker Quits Team Via a Very Public Blog Rant to Coach Jerry Kill

Pretty big shake-up for the University of Minnesota football team. On Sunday night Minnesota Gophers wide receiver A.J. Barker announced via Twitter that he would be

You’d Better Have a Hot Wife if You Want to Be a Vanderbilt Football Coach

Vanderbilt football coach James Franklin is either a sexist pig or a Southern Bro with his head on straight, depending on your world view. The

Herm Edwards’ Speech at the NFL Rookie Symposium is an Instant Classic

What we have here is six blissful minutes of former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards spitting truth and dropping knowledge at today's rookie