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Watch CNN Get Trolled By This ‘Police Officer’ Who Called In To Talk About Howard Stern’s Butt

Fart jokes will never get old.

Talib Kweli Got REAL Heated On CNN Over Their Ferguson Coverage

Flares aren't the only thing flaring in Ferguson... (tempers).

Count All The Things Wrong With This Moment on CNN

Not even close.

Hot CNN Reporter Got Too Turnt Up In Baghdad And Is Now Getting Sued For Drunkenly Biting Two EMTs

Worst. Night. Ever.

Watch Jon Stewart From ‘The Daily Show’ Start A Kickstarter To Buy CNN

Well, that's one way to get me to maybe watch CNN.

CNN Reporter Delivers Story on Ridiculous Japanese Mascot, Can’t Stop Laughing

Look at this guy, though.

This Is the Worst Possible Way to Start an Article About Kurt Cobain’s Death

It took two writers to come up with the worst lede you may ever read.

This Is Your Body On Weed, Featuring What’s Call ‘The Entourage Effect’

Scientifically, what it means that for marijuana to be 100% effective as a medicine, it needs the sum of all its parts.

Columbia University Students Hilariously Pelt CNN Reporter with Snowballs

You may have heard a foot of snow hit New York City on Tuesday as part of The Polar Vortex 2: The VORTEXINATION. At the

Dennis Rodman Had a Meltdown on CNN While Being Grilled About North Korea, You Should Watch It

An impassioned, unlit cigar-holding Dennis Rodman was on CNN with Charles Smith, Cliff Robinson and other former NBA players who are currently in North Korea to play

Stop Everything And Watch Anderson Cooper Completely Destroy The Psychologist Behind ‘Affluenza’

Anderson Cooper is the man. Enough said. 

Jon Stewart’s ‘Good or Bad Thing’ Bit Was Downright Hilarious

Jon Stewart is a smart dude. If you're in doubt, just ask him.

CNN’s Sanjay Gupta: Americans ‘Terribly and Systematically Misled’ About Weed

Sanjay Gupta has been CNN's go-to "health guy" for years, but people tend to not treat him like a doctor who makes his bones on TV.

CNN Actually Debated ‘N Word Vs. Cracker: Which Is Worse?’

This is fun! And really a question no one ever needs to answer based on how glaringly obvious the answer is, but CNN went ahead

‘The Daily Show’ Ripped Apart CNN Again Last Night for Its Bungled Boston Bombing Coverage

We could potentially make this a daily segment on BroBible: "Jon Stewart Eloquently Bashes Everyone at CNN Except Anderson Cooper." Last week brought one of

Jon Stewart Absolutely Destroyed CNN Last Night, Calling Them ‘Human Centipede of News’

CNN screwed up their coverage of the Boston Marathon investigation so, so badly yesterday that they were forced to actually read, on air, a statment

Kathy Griffin Celebrated 2013 By Pretending to Blow Anderson Cooper on CNN

You were probably getting too wasted to notice, but comedian Kathy Griffin was – for some reason – was part of CNN’s New Year’s Eve

Anderson Cooper Refuses to Let Massive Bomb Explosion Ruin His Report

We have a lot of fun with television reporters during hurricane season, because it seems like what they’re doing is so unnecessary and hilarious. THE

There’s a Photo of a Shark Swimming Around Brigantine New Jersey, Real or Hoax?

The photo above is a hoax, we know that. But CNN has a photo showing a shark swimming in the streets of a flooded New

Capt. Janks Prank Calls CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield as Freed College Student Gregory Porter

Gregory Porter is one of the three American college students recently arrested during protests in Egypt. Last week he was released and came