Woody Johnson

For Some Reason, Jets Owner Woody Johnson Was Asked if Tim Tebow is Still a Virgin


New York Jets owner Woody Johnson was on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” this morning.


Kate Upton Has No Interest in Being Darren Rovell’s Valentine


Kate Upton is the best Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover girl ever.


VIDEO: Watch the Awesome Tribute to Mark Haines on Morning Joe


I'm going to go ahead and ruin Waffle's "Bro of the Week" column for tomorrow: Mark Haines will absolutely be this week's Bro of the Week.


VIDEO: CNBC’s Mark Haines Gives Shout Out to BroBible During Royal Wedding Segment


While the rest of the world was hyperventilating over this morning's royal wedding between Prince William and now–Princess Catherine, Bro of the Year Honoree Mark Haines took the opportunity to point out on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" the "very sexist" practice of the Windsor family's money "strictly [following] first-born males.

wall street

CNBC Lists 25 Guys to Avoid on Wall Street


CNBC just released a funny and probably very accurate list of "25 Guys to Avoid on Wall Street," although some of the slots are women to avoid, or gender neutral.

mark haines

VIDEO: Mark Haines Announces His 2010 ‘Bro of the Year’ Honorable Mention on CNBC


The BroBible team was thrilled to receive an on-air shout out from Bro of the Year honorable mention Mark Haines on Monday morning.

My Dad is a Bro

Bro Dad and CNBC Host Mark Haines is One of Our Favorite Recent ‘My Dad is a Bro’ Photo Submissions


As you know by now, the editors of BroBible are looking for funny photos of your Dad acting like a Bro for our first-ever book, "My Dad is a Bro.

squawk on the street

CNBC’s Mark Haines References BroBible’s ‘Bro Number Three of the Week’ Honor on ‘Squawk on the Stre


 It's been quite a banner day for BroBible on the national media attention front.


CNBC’s Mark Haines Tells Erin Burnett ‘This is Why Women Aren’t in Charge of Sports’


 There isn't a baseball fan in the country who isn't steamed about Detroit's Armando Galarraga getting screwed last night of a rightfully deserved perfect game.

stock market

As Markets Plunged, Jim Cramer Earned at Least One Lucky Investor Half a Million Dollars Today


 The Dow Jones plummeted some 996 points at one point this afternoon following worries about the Greek debt crisis.

hot tv personalities

The Dirty Dozen: The 12 Hottest Female Anchors on Business Television


If you spend your entire day like we do, keeping one eye on a sea of computer screens awash in green and red numbers and charts, and the other on a TV tuned to CNBC (and occasionally Bloomberg and even more occasionally Fox Business), you come to truly appreciate the business networks' beautiful -- and incredibly smart and knowledgeable -- women anchors.

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