‘Clowns For Christ’ Is A Thing, In Case You Didn’t Hate Clowns Enough Already


Ugh, clowns, they're just slightly below pickup artists on the "creepy profession" scale.


This Is What Happens When Killer Clown Pranksters Try To Scare Some Dude Who’s Carrying A Gun, Hint: BOOM, Headshot


You never know what someone’s got hiding in a jacket pocket or even a purse, so it’s no surprise that when this “killer” clown comes rushing at a guy who just happens to be carrying a concealed weapon he gets his head blown off.

Old people

Clown Hooker Grandmas Are Now Offering Gas Station Hand Jobs For $2


To be fair it was originally $3, but they bartered against themselves.


Balloon sex really blows for kinky clown couple


A kinky couple who thought it would be fun to clown around with balloons had their sexual expectations blow up in their faces, according to the emergency room physician who had to treat them.

sexy clowns

22 sexy clowns you’ll either love or be terrified of


Most people either LOVE or HATE clowns, and there's not a whole lot of wiggle room in between.


This clown botching a magic trick and lighting a dove on fire is another reason to hate clowns


A Mexican clown -- or payaso if you're fancy -- had plans for some big trick to entertain a party.

Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco Sends Threatening Message to His ‘Haters’ While Wearing a Ridiculous Halloween Costume


At first glance, without even knowing exactly what he is trying to be (other than a balding insane clown murderer), he kind of looks like Pete Rose, the zombie clown version to me.

Scary Clowns

These clowns will haunt your dreams


From the truly terrifying to the downright silly, these scaryass clowns are guaranteed to keep you up at night.


Start Your Day With This Video of a Cop Fighting a Clown


This is not something that took place at a professional wrestling match.

Warner Brothers

Stephen King’s ‘It’ to be a two-part movie


I thrust my fists against the posts and still insist I see the clowns.

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