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This Ultimate Close Call Compilation Will Have You Geeking Out For Four Minutes Straight

So much potential death in here.

Polish Racing Fans Come THIS Close to Dying in Dramatic Car Crash

Close call.

MMA Ref Messes Up in a Big Way as Dude Nearly Suffocates to Death

Really scary stuff. You could see the guy go unconscious around the 42 second mark, but the fight isn't broken up for about ten seconds.

A Lot of Alcohol + Kegs of Stupidity = Extreme Ceiling Beam Fail

This guy was very lucky he ended up OK. To be fair, pretty much anyone who's ever had this sort of thing--looks remarkably like a

Watch a Crazy Guy Walk, Do Pull-ups on a Crane…Without Any Ropes

What's so scary about falling hundreds of feet to your death at any moment? Nothing, apparently. 

Watch a Skateboarder Cheat Death by One Second

A few bros went out longboarding on a winding road, and, spoiler alert! They didn't use a spotter. And what happens when you don't use

Want to See a 600 Ib Marlin Launch Itself onto a Fishing Boat? Of Course You Do

The "Danger Zone" indeed.