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What’s Hot This Week: Clinton Sparks, AOBeats, Jared Evans, and GoldLink

This week's hottest underground jams in one column:

Clinton Sparks, Macklemore, and 2Chainz Strike Gold with Viral Video for ‘Gold Rush’

In case you somehow missed it, super Bro Clinton Sparks dropped a banger of a track last week, featuring Macklemore and 2Chainz rapping

Mike Stud, Skizzy Mars, and What’s Hot This Week

Kastra & Aylen - The Drop Presents

Kastra and Aylen is probably one of my favorite DJ pairings right now. In their series, they curate a master

2AM Club + Clinton Sparks, Raz Simone, and What’s Hot This Week

Clinton Sparks Presents 2AM Club In Moon Tower

2AM Club dropped a killer mixtape this week, and it's impossible not to want to bump it. "Moon

Clinton Sparks’ ‘Boston Bass’ Will Enable You to Go Hard This St. Patties Day Weekend

Check out Clinton Sparks' latest video and single off his upcoming "My Awesome Mixtape 4", "Boston Bass." Aptly named, it's sure to be a party

Clinton Sparks’ Trippy Music Video for ‘IDKurNAME’ (Ft. Mike Posner) Takes Us Through Quite a Night

Bits and pieces. The can barely remember/will never forget rage paradigm. 

Watch Clinton Sparks Music Video for ‘Lets Drive’

Clinton Sparks released the visuals today for his bootleg of Porter Robinson’s hit record “Language”. The song, “Let’s Drive”, features the story of a young

Check Out Clinton Sparks New Mixtape, ‘My Awesome Mixtape 3’

I tend to hold anything Clinton Sparks to a pretty high standard, simply because he’s f*cking good at what he does (Grammy nominated, y’all), and

New Music You Should Know About: The Cataracts, Tarik and Mike Stud, P-Holla, and More

Some great new songs from BroBible new music veterans like Clinton Sparks, Mike Stud, and Radical Something, as well as some newcomers we can’t wait

10 Tracks You Need to Know About: May 3

Here are new 10 tracks to get you through the day, including stuff from RAC, Clinton Sparks, Chief Keef, Aer, and Timeflies. Check ‘em out

Check Out Clinton Sparks’ ‘My Awesome Mixtape 2’

Here's the new mixtape from DJ/producer/artist Clinton Sparks. You may remember seeing him last when we posted Ughmerica's video for 'No Swag', now

Clinton Sparks Has No Swag

Clinton Sparks and his new act UGHmerica have no swag, or at least that's what they claim in their new music video appropriately

‘Get Familiar’ with Clinton Sparks

It's time to get familiar. As a matter of fact, you should already be familiar with one of