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Insane Moment a Man Jumps Into Sydney Harbor Wearing a GoPro and Lands Next to a Great White Shark

Nature, you still scary as shit.

The Most Insane GoPro Video You’ll Watch Today Is a Cliff Jump Gone Wrong

Go big or go home, right? That's what this cliff jumper did on a disastrous cliff jump and now he's suffering from "a compression fracture

‘Trampoline Cliff Jumping’ Is One Pretty Cool Way to Spend Your Summer

America is beautiful country. That is all. 

Cliff Jumping In Hawaii Is More Fun Than Whatever the Hell You’re Doing Right Now

What are you doing right now? Well, besides the obvious, which is looking at a computer or phone. Since all you're looking at some sort

This is Exactly How Not to Jump Off a Cliff

When jumping off a cliff it's best if you check to make sure that there isn't another cliff under the cliff.

Here’s A Bermuda Cliff Jumping Video Someone Sent Us

This is a video someone passed along our way of a cliff jumping trip to Bermuda. It's pretty much just five minutes of

Watch This Cliff Jumping Video from Colorado’s Green Mountain Reservoir

Our man from Colorado, Tommy, sent us this cliff jumping video Colorado's Green Mountain Reservoir, just North of Silverthrone. We don't want to get sued,