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The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Court Projection Wins the NBA This Season

Last week, we missed what was undoubtedly the most exciting part of the Cavs' season.

Kyrie Irving Tries to Break the Ankles of Every Toronto Raptor, Almost Succeeds


Did The Cavs’ Andrew Bynum Get Suspended Because He Was Banging His Coach’s Wife?

The Cleveland Cavaliers recently suspended Andrew Bynum indefinitely (a ban that has since been lifted) and speculation about the reason behind the suspension was rampant. 

Dion Waiters Posterizes The Birdman With Sick Dunk

I’ve got mixed emotions here. I want to commend Dion Waiters on a sick dunk. But I hate that the person being posterized was Birdman

Cleveland Fan Runs Onto Court, Pleads With LeBron James to Come Back

The Miami Heat erased a 27-point deficit in the second half against the Cleveland Cavaliers to extend their incredible winning streak to 24 games. The

The Cleveland Cavaliers Busted Out the Ol’ Manti Te’o Kiss Cam Last Night

The Manti Te’o weirdness has unleashed the inner comedian in every single human being on the planet.

Kyrie Irving is Transformed into an Old Man and Dominates Pick-Up Game

20-year-old Kyrie Irving made most of the NBA look old and slow as they attempted to guard him and was named the NBA

Charlie Villanueva Goes Wild After Coming to Blows With Ryan Hollins

The middle of April is a strange time of year: Taxes are due, the weather still has some