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Here’s Johnny Manziel Being Told America Saw Him Being Very Naughty

Hey, we need to talk ..

Uh Oh: Johnny Manziel Was LATE to a Team Meeting

Trouble brewing.

Johnny Manziel Is Pretty Possessive of Colleen Crowley


LeBron James Visited Johnny Manziel, Created the Greatest Cleveland Moment in Years

Two buddies.

Cleveland Browns Fan Visits Art Modell’s Grave, Literally Takes a Piss On It


Johnny Manziel Can’t Hear Because He Has ‘Too Much Money in His Fucking Hand’


The Fake Johnny Manziel Lawsuit Has Been Dismissed


After Epic Las Vegas Weekend, Johnny Manziel Flew Home in a Middle Seat in Coach

He is one of us.

Johnny Manziel’s Text Message to Cleveland Browns: “Hurry Up and Draft Me”

Classic Millenial behavior.

Watch This Browns Fan Lose His Shit After the Team Picks Johnny Manziel

You think Cleveland is excited for Johnny Manziel? Look at Phil here.

This Photo of Browns Fans Heading to the NFL Draft Has Left Me Moderately Depressed

Spotted today in New York.

The Brandon Weeden Tribute Video Is as Depressing as it Sounds

So sad.

The Trailer For ‘Draft Day’ Is Here, a Fictional Movie About the Cleveland Browns on Draft Day

Thank god this movie is fiction because otherwise it would be more depressing than the first hour of A Beautiful Life. 

Rob Gronkowski’s Knee Is No More After This Vicious Hit (GIF)


Cleveland Browns Fans Execute Pregame Sign Fail

On last week’s episode of Parks and Recreation, Bro hero Ron Swanson said his favorite book is Moby Dick because it’s completely devoid of fancy

Cleveland Browns Perform Flawless Flea Flicker

I haven't seen a flea flicker in ages. 

Let’s All Point and Laugh at This Brandon Weeden Interception

Did you guys know Brandon Weeden turns 30 tomorrow? Well, he does. And with age comes maturity. You learn from past mistakes and tackle life’s

ESPN Defies the NFL, Plus Week 5’s Thursday and Survivor Pick

All the news around the NFL yesterday didn’t have to do with Rob Gronkowski’s mystery comeback date, Darryl Richardson’s tweet about not starting, Donte’s name

The Cleveland Browns Fooled Everyone With a Fake Field Goal

When the Cleveland Browns announced plans to start Brian Hoyer at quarterback in Minnesota, many people completely wrote them off. But this is the NFL,

Homemade Cleveland Browns Jersey Pays Homage to Every Browns Starting QB Since Tim Couch

The Tim Couch era was a LONG time ago, gang. He was the starting quarterback of the Cleveland Browns in 1999. Since then, and including

Joe Flacco Missed the Birth of His Son to Play the Browns

This is the story that will lead about 50,000 awful, hand-wringing newspaper columns tomorrow, so you heard it here first: Joe Flacco skipped the birth

Here’s the Moment a Cleveland Browns Fan Decided to Go Streaking

The Cleveland Browns suck. Because of this, their fans are forced to come up with new and inventive ways to have fun at the games.

Cleveland Man Requested Six Brown’s Pallbearers So They Could Let Him Down One Last Time

To celebrate his life and to honor the legacy of the Browns, Scott Entsminger requested six Cleveland Browns players to serve as pallbearers for his

Erin Heatherton Is Dating Cleveland Browns TE Jordan Cameron

Jordan Cameron plays tight end for the Cleveland Browns. He has other things to brag about, though.

Chip Kelly Snubs the NFL to Stay at Oregon, Mat Kearney Likely 100% of the Reason Why

According to the World Wide Leader, Chip Kelly is staying put in Oregon. Can you blame him? I can't. I wouldn't leave the success, job

Watch a Cleveland Browns Fan Dunk His Head in a Bucket of Urine for $450

I was ready to just rail against this shirtless dude for submerging his head in a giant pale of human waste. Then, more than one

The ‘Real’ Refs Got a Standing Ovation in Baltimore

Last night’s Baltimore Ravens-Cleveland Browns game was the best game of the young NFL season if only because it was the first officiated by “real”

Josh Cribbs Gets Completely Destroyed by Baltimore’s Dannell Ellerbe

Forget firefighters and soldiers. Punt returners are the bravest men in the world.

Thank God the Real Referees Are Back in Time For the Thursday Night NFL Pick

That didn't take long, did it? The NFL and the referees' union reached an agreement late last night just 48 hours after the fiasco during

Yesterday’s Bills-Browns Game Featured an Intense Fan Fight

We're not going to give it away, but this is the rare fan fight video that has a very clear winner.

Redneck Browns Fans Shoot Up their Television After Another Dreadful Loss

What's a Cleveland Browns fan to do when their team loses every week? If you said invite your family into the backyard and

Cleveland Radio Host and Avid Browns Fan Has On-Air Meltdown

The Cleveland Browns are one big eternal suck-fest and radio host Greg Kozarik of Cleveand's Digital Sports Network has had his fill of rooting for