college football

Dabo Swinney Dancing To ‘Happy’ Is Mesmerizing


Pharrell Williams' Happy is still getting radio play and people are still dancing to it.

FSU vs Clemson

Clemson Bro Brilliantly Trolls FSU Fans While Munching On Crab Legs


In some circles Clemson Tom is a bit of a legend, he's truly gifted in the arts of trolling.


The Clemson Band Is Blowing Minds With This Half Time Tribute to Old School Nintendo


The Ohio State University band has set the bar pretty high this season with its various half time performances.

party videos

Ever Wonder How Hard Clemson Parties?


A couple of weeks ago the guys from I'm Shmacked headed to Clemson, South Carolina to rage for the FSU game.

Florida State

Florida State’s Nick O’Leary Ran Over a Clemson Defender in a Highlight for the Ages


You might remember Nick O’Leary as the guy who survived this brutal motorcycle accident.


Allow the Taiwanese Animators to Break Down the Florida State-Clemson Game


In what world was the creation of this video necessary.

Samantha Steele

College GameDay signs, screencaps and GIFs for Week 4


(ESPN screenshot) College GameDay signs from Florida State and other notables from Week 4 of football action.

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