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Someone Painted a Clemson Tiger Paw on South Carolina’s Football Field


Clemson Fan Holds Up a ‘Braxton Miller Wears Cargos’ Sign During the Orange Bowl

Classic Clemson... Right before sealing the deal in the Orange Bowl and upsetting Ohio State, ESPN caught a Clemson Bro holding up this "Braxton Wears Cargos"

The Clemson Band Is Blowing Minds With This Half Time Tribute to Old School Nintendo

The Ohio State University band has set the bar pretty high this season with its various half time performances. But here comes Clemson. (Quick side note:

Ever Wonder How Hard Clemson Parties?

A couple of weeks ago the guys from I'm Shmacked headed to Clemson, South Carolina to rage for the FSU game. The Tigers didn't come away with

Florida State’s Nick O’Leary Ran Over a Clemson Defender in a Highlight for the Ages

You might remember Nick O’Leary as the guy who survived this brutal motorcycle accident. But Jack Nicklaus’ grandson is more than just the guy who

Allow the Taiwanese Animators to Break Down the Florida State-Clemson Game

In what world was the creation of this video necessary? 

Clemson Bro Went on Vacation, So His Friends Turned His Bedroom Into a Gamecocks’ Sanctuary

Cruel and perfect gag to pull on any hardcore football fan. We doubt this guy can think of anything worse than waking up to that

College Football Recruit Selects Auburn Over Clemson Because They Have a Chick-Fil-A

There are countless factors that go into making a decision on which university you'll be attending, but usually which fast food restaurant is on campus

A Few Clemson Dudes Celebrate the ACC Championship with a ‘Victory Fromble’

Clemson ran a train over V-Tech yesterday, easily winning the ACC Championship. So how did this group of Clemson students celebrate? By 'frombling'

Watch a Sour Clemson Fan Rant and Call South Carolina ‘The Short Bus of the SEC East’

This is YouTube's token Clemson superfan MrClemsonTom. Following the Tigers' loss to their non-conference rivals down I-26 this past weekend, MrClemsonTom took to

Clemson’s Tajh Boyd Didn’t Wear a Hip Pad on Saturday for a Really, Really Stupid Reason

As you might know, Clemson's Tajh Boyd left Saturday's game against Boston College for an easily-preventable hip injury. He's wasn't wearing a hip pad at

Looks Like the Clemson and Davidson’s Baseball Teams Had Fun During a Rain Delay

In wake of the Radford / High Pointe jousting match, will epic rain delay follies during college baseball games become the next trick videos? Maybe.