University Drama Teacher Intentionally Showed Her Class A Video Of Her Inserting Objects Into Her Vagina


To artsy folk, showing your drama class a film that includes you violating yourself with "plastic Bambi figurine" is fair play, because it's art.


This Guy Sent Out An Invitation For The Girls In His Class To Join Him In Bed Via Listserve After Class Was Cancelled


For some reason I was never lucky enough to enroll in classes where the professors were like “Fuck this noise, I’m not about class today,” which meant I never got to have my classes cancelled.


Today’s Worst Hangover Belongs To The Kid Who Barfed In The Middle Of Class Right After ‘Jagermeister’ Was Mentioned


Out of all the hangovers I had in college, the worst one was when I had blacked out off of cranberry vodka’s on a Tuesday night, then had to take a Plan Sciences midterm the next morning.

Real World

5 Things College Teaches You That Actually Apply in Real Life


Post graduation feels like being a freshman in the real world.


You Can Now Major In ‘Game Of Thrones’ With This College Course At UVA


Find out what Hodor actually means when he says "Hodor.


The Difference Between Being Drunk And Being CLASSY


It's a fine line you are walking, but with the right advice, you can pretend to be much classier than the drunk and depraved human being you actually are.


Cute girl who can’t stay awake in class is our official mascot


It's the first full week back at work for most of us after the holidays and I think we'll all find something relatable with this cute girl who is physically incapable of staying awake during class.


10 Reasons Why Attending College Classes Isn’t Necessary


The American education system — both public and private — is one of the most flawed institutions in the history of modern civilization.


World’s Classiest Bride Uses Buckcherry’s ‘Crazy Bitch’ During Her Wedding


Close your eyes and picture a gorgeous and tasteful wedding procession.


Michigan State Finally Offering Crucial Class on Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse


Colleges love coming up with ridiculous courses for students to pay good money to skip.


The Top 10 Excuses to Get Out of Work or Class


In my professional and collegiate careers I have used just about every scenario -- injuries, unexpected illness, tragic death, untimely bouts of liquid shit -- that one can think of to get me out of work, a crucial exam, or any event that I simply didn't care to attend.


10 Ways to Get Wasted in Class and Not Get Caught (We Hope)


[inline:clas23] [inline:waff]A few situations exist in our lives when we have to do our drinking/drug use on the sly.

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