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BroBible Talks With Matthew Koma about Clarity, Bruce Springsteen and Acoustic Covers

Just last week, we brought you an acoustic cover of Clarity by Zedd from one of the song's writers Matthew Koma.

This Metal Version of Zedd’s ‘Clarity’, with Porter Robinson’s ‘Language’ Mixed In, Is Great

Metal covers can oftentimes be the best covers. (See: Framing Hanley's version of Lollipop.) Here, youtube user metalrr5 takes on Zedd & Foxes proven hit, mixing

This Acoustic Version of ‘Clarity’ by Zedd Totally Makes You Forget You’ve Heard it a Million Times

It has gotten to the point where this song is on two different Top 40 stations at the exact same time.

Watch Zedd and Foxes Perform ‘Clarity’ Live on David Letterman, Complete with an Orchestra

Just a few short days ago, I made it a point to sing type the praises of Zedd, the German talent whose done a lot to