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Forget the Cinnamon Challenge, This Bro Ate an Entire Bottle of It

Is there anything people WON'T do for YouTube views?

Guy Tries Cinnamon Challenge, Fails While His Irish Dad Hilariously Yells at Him

What's worse: Almost choking to death while failing the cinnamon challenge, or having your tough-as-hell Irish dad yelling at you while you screw it up?

Finally, Someone Breaks Down the Science Behind the Cinnamon Challenge

The trying to conquer the Cinnamon Challenge isn't exactly my idea of a good time, but people still try all the time. After Shoenice ate an

Hilariously Commentated Cinnamon Challenge Fail

I thought he was actually going to do the impossible, complete the Cinnamon Challenge without blinking. But I guess I only thought that

Granny Loses Her Teeth Doing Cinnamon Challenge

What a clever attempt at homicide by this lady's grand kids. Hope choking on the cinnamon kills the old bag, inherit her house,