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Cincinnati Bengals’ QB Matt Scott Puked His Guts Out Then Threw A Touchdown

The 'ol Willie Beamen Special.

Bengals’ Punter Poses For Most Disturbing Photo Of The Year (So Far)

Cincinnati Bengals’ punter Zoltan Mesko has some time on his hands. His season is over. He can do whatever he wants in the off season

The Bengals Lost Because of Andy Dalton, a Story in 5 GIFs

Sometimes, no words are necessary. 

Andy Dalton Nailed a Cheerleader Today

... with a football. 

Cincinnati Bengals’ George Iloka Grabbed the Luckiest Interception Ever

Professional football players spend an inordinate amount of their time either practicing, lifting weights or breaking down film. All of those activities seem to be

Here’s a GIF of a Monkey Riding a Dog While Herding Sheep at a Football Game

I've seen this done at minor league baseball games, but never a professional football one. 

Cincinnati Bengals Punter Kevin Huber Had His Jaw Fractured By This Devastating Hit

Sweet mother of Vishnu. If there's one thing I'd like to avoid in life, it's a fractured jaw. Sounds like a miserable time.

You’ll Never See More Missed Tackles Than on This Cincinnati Bengals Play

Here is the Indianapolis Colts' LaVon Brazill making a mockery of what the Cincinnati Bengals call a defense. 

We Won’t Go AWOL After the Week 9 Survivor and Thursday Night NFL Picks

Last week was not a good one for this guy’s ability to pick games, but apparently I’m doing a lot better than Miami Dolphins offensive

Jets Get Their Tip Drill On While Intercepting Andy Dalton

The Jets got their tip drill on, giving us this excellent interception GIF. 

Football is Here: The Teaser for HBO’s Hard Knocks Has Arrived

We know you've been counting, but in case you haven't--there are only 5 more Mondays till Monday night football. 

Why Are the Cincinnati Bengals Going to Star in ‘Hard Knocks’ Again? Here’s Why

The Cincinnati Bengals will appear on HBO's Hard Knocks again this year. Andy Dalton and A.J. Green seem likeable enough, but we just saw the

The AFC Playoff Picture Will Bring an Exciting Final Three Weeks, Plus the Thursday Night Pick.

On Monday night, we saw the Patriots take the Texans to the woodshed in embarrassing fashion. The Texans still lead the conference by one game,

Cheerleader Sarah Jones Says She and High Schooler Still ‘Haven’t Been On Our First Date Yet’

Sarah Jones—the former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader and high school English teacher who agreed last week to a plea deal after being caught having sex with

Former Bengals Cheerleader Sarah Jones Agrees to Plea Deal in Underage Sex Case

Sarah Jones, the former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader and teacher charged with having an illegal sexual relationship with one of her students, has agreed to a

Rutgers Wide Receiver Gets Pranked, Falsely Informed He was Drafted by Bengals

Rutgers stand out wide receiver Mohamed Sanu was ecstatic when he received the call that he had been drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals. One problem, the

Cedric Benson Freestyles at SXSW

There is plenty of great bands and rappers at SXSW, Cedric Benson is not one of them.

Jerome Simpson Scores the Most Ridiculous Touchdown Flip Into the Endzone Ever

Jerome Simpson of the Cincinnati Bengals with the craziest touchdown of the year... Not to give it all away, but... HE LANDS ON

Two Cincinnati Bengals Players Have House Raided For Marijuana Shipment

Every bro knows that unless you’re lucky enough to live in California, Colorado or another one of the progressive states with medical marijuana laws, your