Quitting Smoking For Two Years Only Adds 12 Hours To Your Life So Why Even Bother?

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Quitting smoking doesn't prolong your life all that much, it would appear.


This is the manliest way to light a cigarette in the history of both men and cigarettes


Dear smokers, if you're not lighting your cigarette like this guy then you're definitely doing it wrong.


The difference between twins’ smoking and non-smoking faces will make you drop that cigarette


The medical journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery took a look at twins, one of whom is a lifelong smoker and one is not.


Exploding car teaches you all about the dangers of smoking


Watch this car blow up in exceedingly dramatic fashion and, in the process, learn more about the dangers of smoking than Joe Camel ever cared to teach you.

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9 things that will be gone in ten years


Times change, and what is comfortable and ever-present one day is relegated to the dust-bin of history the next.


Chimpanzee chain smoking is my spirit animal


The smoothness of nicotine isn't just for The Flintstones any more.

The Flintstones

The Flintstones want you to smoke cigarettes


Smoking used to be cool, but in 1971 cigarettes ads were banned from TV.

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