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5 Things CVS Should Have Gotten Rid of Instead of Cigarettes

This is America, or at least it used to be. We were a country founded on capitalism and hedonism. Unfortunately, […]

Best Times for a Cigarette, Ranked

1. Post-Thanksgiving meal (you are thinking about it now)

This Guy’s Cigarette-Smoking Tricks Will Change Your Afternoon

I found this video to be equal parts inspiring, sad, and aggravating. Homeboy doesn’t give one single fuck about anything as long as he has

This Dropped Cigarette Has Found a Glitch In the Matrix

I defy you to a find a reason that doesn't defy simple physics for how this cigarette landed when he accidentally dropped it. Has to

Two Toddlers Just Smoking Cigarettes on a Train in China

Last May there was widespread Internet outrage about an Indonesian two year old with a three packs-a-day smoking habit. You might recall the rather sweet