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Chuck Norris Double Soils The Good Name Of Chuck Norris By Getting Tied Up And Robbed


There's a guy in Brazil who looks like Chuck Norris but he's giving the karate and acting legend a bad name.

Chuck Norris trivia

10 mind-blowing facts about Chuck Norris


There are a lot of Chuck Norris "facts" out there made tongue-in-cheek, but the man truly is extraordinary is these 10 TRUE facts more than prove.

Tipsy Bartender

Presenting the Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick to the Face shot


Chuck Norris and Sriracha are two of the internet's favorite sons, and they come together in one potentially disgusting shot from Tipsy Bartender.


Chuck Norris Has Some STRONG TAKES on Syria, Obama


The money quote: "As a six-time world karate champion, I know something about fighting, winning and losing.


Chuck Norris dominates ‘NBA Jam’


Ever wondered what would have happened if Chuck Norris was in the old school 8-bit version of NBA Jam.

Vladimir Putin

9 famous people who could kill you with their bare hands

By | 15 Comments

There are a lot of famous people out there who have a reputation for being tough, but the following list is reserved for only those who are not only tough, they are lethal.

Way of the Dragon video game

It’s Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris, in pseudo-video game form


If anyone was to actually make a Way of the Dragon video game, it would look a lot like this.


Chuck Norris Encourages Voters to Give Obama a Roundhouse Kick to the Face


There’s nothing more American than outsourcing your presidential vote to a once-great television and movie actor, so it makes a lot of sense that Chuck Norris has rushed to the aide of Mitt Romney and the Republican Party.

Terry Crews

Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘Expendables 2′


I can't smoke pot at home anymore because it's Against The Law.

Serena Williams GIF

GIFterpiece Theatre: Emma Stone, alien Olympian and Darwin Award candidate


Welcome to GIFterpiece Theatre--Guyism's daily installment of the internet's best GIFs.

chuck norris supercut

‘Chuck Norris Is Chuck Norris,’ An A**-Kicking Supercut


Here's a video that would have broken the Internet a few years ago during the height of the Chuck Norris facts meme.

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