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If You’re Dying to Ooze Pure Sex Like Chuck Norris, Then Check Out These ALL DENIM Ralph Lauren Suits

All denim + all the time = Sex bomb status.

Chuck Norris Has Some STRONG TAKES on Syria, Obama

The money quote: "As a six-time world karate champion, I know something about fighting, winning and losing."

Bro Writes Other-Worldly Rap Song About Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, and Steven Seagal

This is not the rap song the world needed or even wanted. But yeah...Mind. Blown. 

Chuck Norris Encourages Voters to Give Obama a Roundhouse Kick to the Face

There’s nothing more American than outsourcing your presidential vote to a once-great television and movie actor, so it makes a lot of sense that Chuck

‘Chuck Norris Is Chuck Norris,’ An A**-Kicking Supercut

Here's a video that would have broken the Internet a few years ago during the height of the Chuck Norris facts meme.

The Trailer for ‘The Expendables 2’ Has Finally Arrived

Along with it came this boner in my pants... I'm a sucker for over-the-top 1980s style action movies. The sear volume of death

Chuck Norris is All 5 Bros of the Week

Here are this week's Bros of the Week... 5. Chuck Norris Chuck Norris once put out a forest fire… using only gasoline, which is why Governor Rick