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10 Best Ways to Spend Your Christmas Cash

Sitting on a pile of Christmas money from relatives who stopped knowing what the hell to buy you years ago? Perfect. Here is a list of awesome

Man Who Lost Job Surprises Former Coworkers With Xbox Ones for Christmas

A man recently deprived of his job still kept the Christmas spirit alive, stopping by his old office to bring presents to his former coworkers. 

Didn’t Get Your Christmas Package? Blame UPS? (Or Maybe Amazon!)

To go on UPS's Facebook page right now is to stare at a den of very, very pissed-off vipers. Why? A backlog in the shipping company

Watch Puppies Open Christmas Presents, Because Why the Hell Else Are You on the Internet Today?

Seriously though, what else are you doing to do today on the Internet? It's 1:30 PM and I'm still in a bathrobe, sipping lukewarm coffee.

These People Tweeted About Getting Marijuana as a Christmas Present

Tis the season for the dankest of trees. Hopefully they live in Colorado or Washington! Via Buzzfeed's Jessica Misener: 

A LOT of People Were Tweeting About How Hot Their Cousin Is on Christmas Day

Ah, the holidays. Hopefully you got to spend some time with your family on Christmas Day! Because Twitter exists in our lives as a weird, Freudian steam

Bros Prank Homeless Population By Giving Them An Awesome Christmas Morning

Yesterday morning, Roman Atwood gave his city's homeless a Christmas. Trees were erected near park benches, presents lay outside a mission. The resulting video is

Things Everyone Hates About Christmas and New Years

I don't hate the holiday season. If I were to give it a score out of 10 it'd register around maybe a 5, tying with

Stanford Kappa Sigma Bros Made a Ridiculous Fratty Version of ‘All I Want for Christmas’

This is how the Gentlemen of Stanford's Kappa Sigma chapter send holiday greetings. As long as Santa brings a rack of Natty Light, they're happy as can

Guess Which (Horribly-Run, Inept) NFL Franchise Refuses to Share a Photo of Its Christmas Tree?

Today, the Wall Street Journal decided to rank every Christmas tree NFL franchises set up in their facility this year. 

Dude Plays Every Part in ‘Home Alone’ in Memorable Christmas Card

You've never seen Home Alone like this. Mostly because it takes a certifiably demented adult man to play every role in the film on a

Worst Woman In the World Steals Christmas Gifts Right Off Some Dude’s Front Porch

Bros, meet the worst woman in human history. As this YouTuber notes, she's stealing packages -- some of which are Christmas gifts, some of which are

Our Entire Team Is On Life Support Today

Hey Gang. Vomits Muldoon here. Been a rough morning. Been the worst morning.  Last night was our Christmas/Holiday party and while we are all alive, most of

6 Beloved Christmas Movies With Horrible Secret Meanings

Somehow... there's no mention of the Santa Clause. Tim Allen KILLS Santa!

DMX Singing ‘Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’ Just Might Be the Greatest Thing Ever

Happy Holidays from DMX. Last year around this time, he provided us with this incredible performance. Let us never forget. 

10 Best Christmas-Time Movies That Have Actually Nothing To Do With Christmas

Everyone knows the movies that are purposefully crafted to get mass audiences in the Christmas spirit.

Here’s a Scientific Ranking of All Santa’s Reindeer

You can probably name them all. Their names all went down in history, but only one was an ALL-EYES-ON-ME glory hog. Today we explore which of

The 12 Ages of Christmas: Why the Holidays Suck the Older You Get

The 12 days of Christmas -- the air cold and crisper, the world just a little nicer and the one day of peace and love

The Washington Capitals Just Made the Worst Christmas Video of All Time

In an age where shitty holiday tributes abound and every #brand feels obligated to contribute to the noise, it's hard to stand out in a sea

Frat Dude Asks Random Bros: What’s the Worst Part of the Holidays?

There's nothing more "BRO" than the holidays. Gifts, chicks in plaid skirts, and a 9 AM eggnog without judgement? Bro. But there are things, dudes can't stand

The 10 Best Christmas Gifts You Got As A Kid

Seeing as though it’s Christmastime (finally), I thought to myself “Hey, self! Why don’t we do a power ranking of the best Christmas gifts you’ve

Holiday Break Challenge: Bringing Home a Chick You Went to High School With

Here’s the scenario: you’re back in town from college, or from wherever you’ve been working, and you’re out with old friends grabbing some drinks to

This ‘Biggest Santa Fails’ Supercut Doesn’t Include Footage of Him Skipping Poor Kids’ Houses

We really grabbed that headline by the balls, didn't we?

Jon Stewart Explains the War on the War on Christmas

Another year, another all-out war on Christmas. Same old shit.

The 25 Best Sports Toys From Your Childhood

Remember when not having to pay bills or go to work was something you didn’t have to worry about? Those were the days, right?

This Batmobile Golf Cart Can Be Yours For Only $17,500

Straight from the Warner Brothers' lot in Los Angeles comes this Batman golf cart. It's slightly used, sure, but when you're faced with the decision of buying a

6 Holiday Gifts You Don’t Want But Will Get Anyway

I think I was in 10th grade when I got a season 1 box set of The O.C. for Christmas. That was great and all,

R. Kelly’s New Christmas Jam is Already the Christmas Jam of the Year

Halloween may not have even happened yet , but R. Kelly is already ready for Christmas. More importantly, he's read to step. During Christmas.

A Collection of the Worst People on Earth: These Assholes Complaining About Their Christmas Presents

Every year, writer Jon Hendren—who goes by the name @fart and is the guy partly responsible for sending Pitbull to Alaska—goes through the worst recesses

The 10 Types of Facebook Posts on Christmas Day

Personally, I turned Christmas Night Facebook updates into a drinking game: Do a shot for every engagement notification that's popped up on your facebook newsfeed during

English Comedian Michael McIntyre Drops Mad Truth Bombs on Christmas, Having Kids

The holiday season double-double. 

Krispy Kreme, the Baddest Man Around, Drops Scintillating ‘Christmas’ Rap

Homie's gunning for the entire John Cena collection. 

Watch an Awesome Video About the 36th Airlift Squadron’s ‘Operation Christmas Drop’ In Micronesia

Holiday feel good video of the day comes from the 36th Airlift Squadron's annual Operation Christmas Drop over the islands of Micronesia. Bless them all. 

University of Richmond Bro Writes the Ultimate Bro Christmas List Circa 2008

Crokies, Brooks Brothers, and Vineyard Vines LAX ties, OH MY! You'll see no snark from us about this awesome Christmas list obviously penned by a

These Hot Chicks Will Get You in the Mood For Christmas, Plus the Rest of Santa’s Top Talent

Enjoy the talent and have a merry Christmas, Bros.

Joey Bada$$ Shows Us How to Rap a Present

Via Buzzfeed Music, Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era made a freestyle video on how to rap -- not wrap -- a Christmas present. 

This Is Why Office Secret Santas Are the Worst Thing Ever

Seriously, secret santa's are the worst thing ever. Unless you work at BroBible, where we just give each other multicolored beer bongs. The Havard Sailing Team

UPS Delivery Man Caught Stealing on Camera—This Is the Future, Folks

On the surface, this is just a video of an asshole UPS employee stealing one kid's Christmas present. Which is depressing and sad and proof

Here’s a Fun Christmas Drinking Game

Heading home for the holidays? Me too! Hannah Hart from My Drunk Kitchen created a pretty awesome drinking game for all the awkward moments you're

The 6 Gifts Dudes Don’t Want for the Holidays

If you’re dating a “Bro” your life is pretty awesome. You have a nonstop supply of big hoodies to choose from, a great pair of