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Playboy Playmate Raquel Gibson Definitely Won ‘Sexiest Santa Of 2014′


Our friends over at Bikini Team never let a big holiday pass without shooting some sexy photos and videos of one of our favorite models.


This Chick Notified Her Boyfriend That She Knew He Was Cheating On Her By Giving Him A Christmas Surprise From Hell


We've seen some shit over the years here at BroBible, but what a Twitter user by the name of Cassy did to let her boyfriend know she knew he was cheating is on another level.


Jesse J Shared Some Bikini Pics To Instagram That We’re Definitely Not Hating


I never pegged Jessie J as one to share bikini pics to Instagram.


Beyonce Spent The Holidays In A Bikini In Iceland Because That’s What The Illuminati Does


The holidays, while fun and games for most of us, were quite different for those who control the world.


Sisters Bella And Gigi Hadid Each Made A Sexy Video… For The Holidays


I thought the point of an advent calendar was to count down the days until Christmas, but Love magazine has gone above and beyond this year and they're still sharing sexy videos with one of their latest featuring the sister of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid.


Rihanna Spent Christmas In A Bikini With Her Model Friend Melissa Forde


As if there is any other way one would spend Christmas if you were Rihanna and were from Barbados, Ri-Ri and her buddy, model Melissa Forde, headed to the Caribbean for a little fun in the sun with friends and family.


Remember To Check Your Bluetooth So You’re Not This Guy Who Blasted Porn Over His Home Speakers At Christmas Dinner


The only thing worse than hearing about politics and religion at a Christmas dinner is hearing the sounds of a woman getting stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.


Here’s Jessie J Twerkin’ Her Butt Off While Wearing A Turkey On Her Head Because Something Something Holidays


Via Instagram There's no better reason to upload of a video of yourself twerking while wearing a Turkey on your head than the holiday season.


Check Out This Bro’s Flirty Christmas Tinder Game


I've heard of people on Tinder using this line many, many times.

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Watch Victoria’s Secret Model Irina Shayk Perform A Sexy Christmas Striptease In Black Lingerie


LOVE magazine has been releasing it's yearly advent calendar, and by "advent calendar" I mean "they're giving us one ridiculously sexy video of a model every day this month.

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This Post-Christmas Facebook Drinking Game Will Get 20-Somethings DRUNK


Last night, Christmas night, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and couldn't help to notice how every single post was either (1.


This Cat Dressed As Bane And Plotting To Kill Santa Is The Ultimate Christmas Grinch


Nothing says "holiday spirit" like a cat wearing a Bane mask who's wrapped bombs like presents and littered the bottom of your chimney with sharp knives.


Watch This Girl Go From 0 To 60 And Completely Lose Her Shit When Her BF Surprises Her With A Proposal


Thankfully I wasn't forced to endure any awkward 'surprise proposals' yesterday, not in person and not on Facebook.

christmas proposal

Santa Claus Helps Soldier Stationed In Afghanistan Propose To Girlfriend


As if Santa Claus doesn't have enough on his plate this time of year, he's now doing wedding proposals.

seahawks christmas

Seahawks Fan Reduced To Tears From Touching Christmas Gift After Meeting Player’s Girlfriend


This Seattle Seahawks superfan received his amazing Christmas gift four days thanks to the girlfriend of one of the players.

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