happy holidays you assholes

Here’s A Three Minute Video Of Poop Jokes With Santa Taking A Shit In Someone’s House Because Merry Christmas


I don't know any better way to celebrate the Christmas season than with this video of Santa taking an explosive shit in some random person's house, then having kids walk in on him and try to jack all his gifts.


Kristen Bell’s New Song ‘Text Me Marry Christmas’ Just Killed My Last Morsel Of Yuletide Cheer


Unless you're living under a rock I'm sure you've heard the new reports of arctic traveling through most of the country right now.


Even The Manliest Of Bros Will Tear Up Watching This Holiday Commercial Featuring A Little Boy And His Penguin


There’s a clothing store up the street from our office that already has a Christmas tree with fake gifts sitting underneath it sitting in their front window and it’s not even Thanksgiving.

Paul McCarthy

Residents Outraged Over 80-Foot Tall Butt Plug In Paris, Refuse To Believe It’s Actually A Christmas Tree


Anti-gay crusaders in France, 'French Spring,' are outraged that there's all of a sudden an 80-foot buttplug erected in Place Vendome.


Well, We All Root For FC Santa Claus Now


If your knowledge of lower-tier Finnish soccer isn't what it once was, you may be blissfully unaware a team called FC Santa Claus competed in the country's third division this year.


10 Best Ways to Spend Your Christmas Cash


Sitting on a pile of Christmas money from relatives who stopped knowing what the hell to buy you years ago.

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