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This Slayer-Themed Christmas Light Display Is So Metal

So metal, so awesome. YouTuber Slayer Bob created perhaps the most metal Christmas light diplay ever. Check out his all-caps description:  THIS WAS AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MONTHS

Town Has a Penis-Shaped Christmas Light Display

Working during the holidays sucks. Just ask anyone who's ever waited tables on a bunch of drunks at an office holiday Christmas party or the

Tis the Seasons for Dubstep Christmas Light Displays

At first it's like, "Oh, yeah! Dope Christmas light show!" But wait! There's a facemelting dubstep drop at the two minute mark. Deck the halls with wet

This Is What a 54,020 LED Light Christmas Light Display Looks Like

Ok, I'll be the first to admit this video kinda sucks, mostly because the music is really cheesy. HOWEVER, I just want to

Finally, the Dubstep Christmas House Light Show You’ve Been Waiting All Year For

Take a seat, Party Rock house. Even if you hate Dubstep, this epilepsy-inducing Christmas light display set to Skrillex will melt your face

USA Christmas Light Display in Tallahassee, Florida Is the Most AMERICAN Thing You’ll See Today

America! Christmas! Lee Greenwood! Techno beats! More flashing red, white, and blue lights than a Deadmau5 concert! Needs a little bit more Rick