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Christina Aguilera Sang ‘This Little Piggy’ As Britney Spears And It Was Good. Like, Really Good.


On her visit to The Tonight Show, Christina Aguilera played "Wheel of Musical Impressions" with Jimmy Fallon.

super bowl fails

The 9 Most Embarrassing Moments In The History Of The Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is a time when the best of the best transcend their biggest hopes and dreams to achieve immortality… and others completely embarrass themselves and are forced to spend the rest of their lives in infamy.

Christina Aguilera playboy

Christina Aguilera reportedly ‘wants to pose nude for Playboy’


In news that would have excited me a little bit more 10 years ago, it's being reported that Christina Aguilera wants to pose nude for Playboy after she gives birth to her second child.

Who would you rather

Who Would You Rather: Christina Aguilera or Shakira?


In tonight's Who Would You Rather, we pit The Voice hosts against each other: Christina Aguilera and Shakira.

throwback thursday

Throwback Thursday: Christina Aguilera, sexy then, sexy now


With news that Christina Aguilera might be pregnant we figured this was a good week to take a look back at some of the reasons we became big fans of hers.

Who would you rather

Who would you rather: Christina Aguilera or Shakira?


Shakira's hips don't lie but the new and improved Christina might give her a run for her money.

trademarks of pop stars

9 of the most annoying pop-star trademarks


The world of pop-stardom is filled with countless clichés, with all those Spinal Tap like quirks that make us roll our eyes and joke with our friends.


Guyism Quiz: Can you guess that celeb rack?


We threw darts at a board and came up with this idea for this week's Guyism Quiz.

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