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How Many People Did Christian Bale Kill in ‘Batman Begins’?

After the awesome training montage in Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne refuses to join the League of Shadows because he doesn't want to kill a criminal. So

Christian Bale Auditioned For ‘Batman Begins’ Wearing Val Kilmer’s Batsuit

Christian Bale is widely known for being dedicated to his roles, but who knew that he launches himself into character before ever getting a part? While auditioning for

Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper BRING IT for the ‘American Hustle’ Trailer

My my my. This is David O. Russell's (The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook) work for this year, and the first look indicates it may very

Christian Bale Gets Gritty in This Heated Trailer for ‘Out of the Furnace’

Early comparisons to No Country for Old Men. Should be a good one. 

‘Batman’ Shooting Suspect James Holmes Wants to Know How Movie Ended

James Holmes, the man accused of going on a deadly shooting spree inside a Colorado movie theater last week during a midnight screening of “The

Newest ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Will Get You Amped

Here's yet another look into the most highly anticipated film of the summer. A lot of Levitt, a lot of Bane, a lot of Wayne.

Bruce Wayne Does His Best Brett Favre Impression In New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Ad

A new Dark Knight Rises TV spot hit the screens today, this time with Bruce Wayne apparently thinking he’s Brett Favre. I wouldn’t go far