Chris Pratt Reveals How He Got So Ripped For ‘Guardians’, Calls It ‘A Nightmare’


A couple weeks ago, we did a post of twenty actors who got absolutely jacked for movie roles.

chris pratt

Chris Pratt Is A Fortune Teller: 4 Years Ago He Predicted That He’d Star In ‘Jurassic Park 4′


Chris Pratt is on top of the world right now, coming off the Summer's best movie in Guardians of the Galaxy, and yesterday the trailer dropped for Jurassic World.

jurassic world

The First Full Trailer For ‘Jurassic World’ Is Here And Yep, The Dinosaurs Are Pissed Again


Over the weekend we saw a brief teaser for Jurassic World and we weren't expecting to get a full trailer until on Thanksgiving during football, but for some reason Universal Pictures released it today and once again, 11 years later, the dinosaurs have no time for the humans, their sillyass theme parks or even Star-Lord.


If You Know Someone Against Hunting Tell Them To Watch This Talk From Chris Pratt Right Now


Much like life, hunting often is not about the kill, it's about the experience of being out in nature.

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Chris Pratt Shares Insane First Headshot Story, Is A ‘Word Sneak’ Winner


Chris Pratt made the most of his final late night tour stop last night appearing on The Tonight Show, playing a little "Word Sneak," sharing his AMAZING first Hollywood headshot, and talking about, of course, his upcoming appearance as the host of Saturday Night Live's 40th season premiere.

saturday night live

Chris Pratt’s Funny ‘SNL’ Promos Get Us Fired Up For The 40th Season Premiere


These new SNL promos pretty much prove that no one other than Chris Pratt would have been a better choice to host the 40th season premiere of Saturday Night Live.

saturday night live

Chris Pratt To Host The 40th Season Premiere Of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Because Of Course He Is


It must be Chris Pratt Day today as it's been officially announced that he will host the 40th season premiere of Saturday Night Live on September 27th with musical guest Ariana Grande (natch).

Ice Bucket Challenge

Did Chris Pratt Make the Best Ice Bucket Challenge?


If you're going to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, you might as well get drunk doing it.

Chris Pratt synched to Forgot About Dre

Chris Pratt rapping ‘Forgot About Dre’ synched to the actual music is f-cking stellar


Chris Pratt rapping 'Forgot About Dre' the other day was pretty crazy, but this video of him rapping the song synched to the ACTUAL MUSIC might just break the Internet.

Chris Pratt raps Forgot About Dre

Chris Pratt rapped ‘Forgot About Dre’ and celebrated ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ how?


Guardians of the Galaxy broke all sorts of box office records over the weekend so that did Chris Pratt and his equally famous wife Anna Faris do to celebrate.

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