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David Spade Pays Thoughtful Tribute To Chris Farley on 20th Anniversary of ‘Tommy Boy’


20 years ago today, the endlessly watchable hit comedy 'Tommy Boy' was released.


Adam Sandler Explains How Michael Keaton Picked Up The Check For A Table Of 25 With Just Two Words


Every thing about these Adam Sandler stories makes me 1) continue my dream of working on SNL 2) continue my dream of meeting Michael Keaton and 3) continue my dream that Farley is really alive and just hiding out.

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Wisconsin Football Released Rare Footage Of Chris Farley As Matt Foley, And I Really Miss That Big Guy


In what's easily the greatest recruiting material of the 2015 offseason, Wisconsin Football released a rare clip of Chris Farley reprising his role as motivational speaker Matt Foley who lives in a van down by the river, and he's urging recruits to come play for Wisconsin.

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Chevy Zone Manager Rikk Wilde’s Awkward MVP Presentation Mashed Up With Chris Farley


Last night Chevy Kansas City regional zone manager Rikk Wilde -- common man hero to us all -- went down in Internet infamy with an awkward MVP presentation to Madison Bumgarner after his impressive World Series performance.


Here’s Rare Footage of Chris Farley Performing Iconic Matt Foley Character Before He Was on SNL


The Second City upload this ancient video --  shot in 1990, pretty sure that qualifies it as ancient -- to their YouTube channel yesterday.

Rob Ford

Here’s the Rob Ford and Chris Farley Video Mash Up The World Needed


The comparisons have been made on Twitter ad nauseam.

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Florida Gators Coach Will Muschamp Signs Autograph For Giddy Chris Farley Lookalike


SEC Media Days are upon us and that means we’re going to talk some FOOTBALL.

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14 of the biggest stars created by ‘Saturday Night Live’


Believe it or not, Saturday Night Live has been around for almost 40 years now and so it makes sense that a lot of famous people would have passed through its halls on their way to fortune and glory.

Will Ferrell

18 of the best recurring SNL characters of all-time

By | 14 Comments

While choosing the all-time best SNL characters is exceptionally difficult (and very subjective), we think the following 18 candidates are a pretty good representation of the show.

Zach Galifianakis

9 of our favorite overweight celebrities of all-time

By | 26 Comments

Not all celebrities are obsessed with plastic surgery and the South Beach Diet.

Tupac Shakur

9 celebrities who died young (and what they’d be doing now)

By | 20 Comments

People often wonder “What if [insert name of famous person] didn’t die young.

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