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Here’s Rare Footage of Chris Farley Performing Iconic Matt Foley Character Before He Was on SNL

The Second City upload this ancient video — ¬†shot in 1990, pretty sure that qualifies it as ancient — to […]

Here’s the Rob Ford and Chris Farley Video Mash Up The World Needed

The comparisons have been made on Twitter ad nauseam. Everyone wants Chris Farley to be alive so he could impersonate Rob Ford. Well, sadly, that isn't

Florida Gators Coach Will Muschamp Signs Autograph For Giddy Chris Farley Lookalike

SEC Media Days are upon us and that means we’re going to talk some FOOTBALL. An hour into the jamboree, we may have already seen

Bored? Commence the Monday Slacking with This Excellent ‘Tommy Boy’ Gag Reel

Mondays are code for a lazy form of cruise control. Be proud of that reality, and relive the greatness that was Tommy Boy and Chris

Detroit Red Wings Goalie Thomas McCollum Has Chris Farley-Themed Helmet

Like Matt Foley, this truly is an inspiration.