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Bruce Springsteen And Jimmy Fallon Sing Hilarious Song Mocking Chris Christie’s Bridgegate

Bruce Springstein skewering Chris Christie over his Bridgegate can only mean one thing: if Bon Jovi joins this pile-on, Christie's political career is fucked. 

Jimmy Fallon Slow Jams the News with New Jersey Govenor Chris Christie

Keep being awesome, Chris Christie. But for the sanity of those of us on the other side of the Hudson River, can you please stop

Aide for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Mic-Checks Like a Champ

New Jersey is the butt of many jokes, but it does excel in the advancement of the Bro Arts. Just check out this aide for

Chris Christie Killed a Spider, Which Delighted Children and Enraged PETA

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is under fire from PETA after video of showing him – GASP -- squishing a spider during a meeting with

Chris Christie Just Bitch Slapped Congress for Not Acting on Hurricane Sandy Relief

This video below took place late last night in the House of Representatives. It's Steve Womack, the House's presiding officer, ignoring calls to hold a

Chris Christie Shed His Signature Fleece to Talk Sandy, Democrats, and Springsteen with Jon Stewart

Chris Christie * Governor* sat down for thirty minutes last night with Jon Stewart. Because sitting down is the only thing he can do for

SNL Recap: Jeremy Renner Hosts, the Petraeus Scandal Is Mocked, and Chris Christie Steals the Show

After having a dynamite year at the box office, Saturday night Jeremy Renner took his first stab at hosting SNL. Sadly for the breakout star

The 9 Biggest Heroes and Zeroes of Hurricane Sandy

I live in NYC. I think I lost power around 8:30 pm on Monday night but who knows, the loss of my iPhone has made