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Chris Brown’s New Neighbor Threatens to Shoot Him If He Ever Comes on His Property

Chris Brown just got a new pad in Los Angeles. His new neighbors are NOT thrilled about him moving in next door...

Chris Brown Is Posting Very Naughty Pic of His Hot Girlfriend, as If You Need Another Reason to Hate Him

Just when you thought he disappeared, Chris Brown is out of jail/rehab/whatever court-mandated thing he was doing and back on Instagram posting pics that

Justin Bieber Takes Pro-Chris Brown, Pro-Weed Stance in Single Act

There's Justin Bieber, just committing some graffiti crime on the streets of Bogota, Colombia.

Womp Womp: Chris Brown Has Checked Himself Into Rehab

Chris Brown has checked himself into rehab for anger management problems after being charged with misdemeanor simple assault for punching a man in the nose

Chris Brown ARRESTED For FELONY Assault

Another day, another story about Chris Brown getting arrested for hitting someone. This time it's on a pretty serious felony assault charge in Washington D.C.

Chris Brown’s Newest Car Is Just So Typical Chris Brown

Only Chris Brown would ruin a beautiful Porsche like this...

Oh NO! Chris Brown Says He May Retire After Next Album

Devestating news from the music world today: Chris Brown has announced that he may be retiring. After one too many people brought up that one

Rate Chris Brown’s Nike-Themed Lambo

Yep... Just as douchey as I thought it'd be...

The 20 Richest POS’s in Hollywood

In Hollywood, a celebrity's net worth means more than the number of homes they own or the amount of Twitter followers

Andre Drummond Dunked on Chris Brown; Aaron Carter Has a New Song Idea

Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond threw down an impressive slam over Chris Brown at a Los Angeles gym. If it had been a woman driving

Chris Brown Gave Another Bizarre Interview Yesterday

When you take it upon yourself to chronicle the continued misadventures of world-class asshole Chris Brown, it's sometimes easy to miss the small things. You

Chris Brown Explains How He Owns Rihanna in Insane Rant

Just a couple of days after freaking out on a valet over $10, convicted wife-beater Chris Brown went on a bizarre rant that you've got

Watch Chris Brown Freak Out on a Valet Over $10

Damn... Chill, Breezy.

A Bro Breaks Down the Highly Entertaining Twitter Feud Between Chris Brown and Jenny Johnson

Let’s face it, Chris Brown got owned by Jenny Johnson and he admitted it the second he “Quit” Twitter. I put quit in quotation marks

Hey You Guys! Chris Brown Deleted His Twitter Account

Important update to this post from earlier: Looks like Chris Brown's beef war with Houston-based comedian writer Jenny Johnson got the best of him. As

Chris Brown Heckled By a Comedian on Twitter, Suggests Pooping and Farting on Her

Just heard this crazy story over Thanksgiving about a parent letting her child dress up as Chris Brown for Halloween. So much 'DA F*CK?!' that

Watch a Dude Rap Chris Brown’s ‘Look at Me Now’ in the Voices of ‘Family Guy Characters’

Not too shabby. 

British Store Has an Unusual Advisory Label for Chris Brown’s Album

Spotted at HMV record stores in London, though probably just a prank from someone looking for their 15 minutes of Internet fame. Notes Gawker, Fortune debuted at

Chris Brown Got a Tattoo of Rihanna’s Beaten Face on His Neck

Or at least that's what it looks like.

Site of Dreezygate Suing Drake, Chris Brown for Starting Brawl

It wasn't too long ago that Drake and Chris Brown made some hard muthaf*cking waves by getting into a Soc vs. Greasers type rumble at

This Is the Best Chris Brown Album Review You’ll Ever Read, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

Spot on! Image via. 

David Guetta’s New Music Video for ‘I Can Only Imagine,’ Featuring Chris Brown and Lil Wayne

Last week probably wasn't the best week ever for David Guetta, who was called out by deadmau5 in Rolling Stone for being a "press play"

Who Would Win the Drake-Chris Brown Boxing Match? Let’s Break It Down

Boxing promoter Damon Feldman announced yesterday that he offered $1 million each to Chris Brown and Drake to box each other for three televised rounds.

Tony Parker’s Eye Was ‘99 Percent Punctured’ by Drake-Chris Brown Brawl

We all made light of Tony Parker's eye injury and subsequent $20 million dollar lawsuit against SoHo's W.i.P. nightclub. It turns out, though, that the

Drake, Breezy Have Officially Shut The Club Down

W.i.P., the SoHo nightclub that played host to the now infamous Drake/Chris Brown brawl early Thursday morning, has been officially closed by the NYPD.  A New

The Real Victim in the Chris Brown-Drake Brawl Was Tony Parker

Being a celebrity and getting preferential treatment isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes, it’s downright dangerous business.

Drake & Chris Brown Rumble: Could There Be A Less Appealing Celeb Brawl?

Twitter has blown up this morning regarding last night's reported Chris Brown/Drake Bro-down at a NYC nightclub. From TMZ: Chris Brown sustained a nasty gash on

John Wall, Chris Brown Combine For Alley-Oop Dunk

Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals is about to tip, so the prevailing thought on everyone’s mind is, hey, what’s John Wall up to?

Chris Brown DM’s C*ck Pics in Hilarious iPhone Commercial Spoof

The internet has been inundated with parodies of iPhone Siri commercials, most involve Apple shills Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson, however this Chris Brown

‘Chris Brown: American Superhero’ Cartoon Illustrates Everything America Hates About Chris Brown

The creators of Charlie the Unicorn reimagined Chris Brown as a cartoon superhero to illustrate why most of America collectively hates him (Hint:

WWE Champion CM Punk Lays a Viral Smackdown on Chris Brown

CM Punk just became most of the rationale world's hero with this video. 

Hatorade: Where the Worst Things of the Week Get Served

Each week, there are countless things that makes us happy to be alive. There are, however, a few that don't. Hatorade is where we vent

Foo Fighters to Perform with Deadmau5, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and David Guetta at the Grammys

It appears that this year the Grammys will honor and recognize electronic music. Electronic/dubstep DJ, Skrillex, received five nominations and became the first

VIDEO: Chris Brown vs. John Wall ‘Dougie’ Dance-Off

On New Year's Eve, basketball superstar John Wall and recent domestic abuse certification graduate Chris Brown engaged in a "Dougie Dance-Off" in a D.C. nightclub.