This Woman Tried To Eat A Brown Mark On Her Arm Because She Thought It Was Chocolate Except JUST KIDDING It’s Cancer


This is what we’ve evolved into folks, slobs who happen to eat chocolate so frequently that when a new brown spot pops up on our bodies instead of thinking “Oh look, a mole,” we think “Mmmmm CHOCOLATE.


Ebola Could Potentially Wipe Out 60% Of The World’s Chocolate, It’s Time To FREAK OUT


The West African countries are responsible for nearly 60% of the world's cacao production, the main ingredient in chocolate, and it's the region hardest hit by the ebola hemorrhagic fever epidemic.


Some Bro Went And Edited The Quotes In Dove Chocolate Wrappers To Make Them True And Not Stupid


You know those Dove chocolate wrappers that have little inspirational quotes on the inside along the lines of "Happiness is all the warmth you need".

wavy lays

Lay’s making chocolate-covered potato chips, because America


In a move that sounds like it was taken straight from the Guyism Grill, Frito-Lay will be dipping their iconic "Wavy Lay's" in milk chocolate.

The Library

How to make a Drunken Mint Chocolate Milkshake


  McDonald's Shamrock Shake is the biggest scam in the game so we've come up with a way to make it irrelevant.

valentine's day chocolate

5 health benefits of Valentine’s Day chocolate


If you need a mediocre but essential Valentine's Day offering, chocolate is a solid option.

Valentine's Day

Make your own Sex Truffles for Valentine’s Day


"Beer Before Breakfast" filmed a sensual video showing you just how easy it is to make your own beer truffles.

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