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Bro Is Eating Chipotle Every Day for 100 Days to Raise Money to Frat Brother’s Cancer Bills


A few weeks ago I went on a rant about how much I hate it when millennials selfishly use crowdfunding campaigns for their own self-interest.

Chipotle trivia

16 crazy things you didn’t know about Chipotle


Impossibly, Chipotle has long let us feel healthy while eating burritos the size of a baby.


Want to Know Why Chipotle ALWAYS Asks If You Know Guacamole Is Extra?


It takes a pretty elementary understand of economics to understand why guacamole costs extra at Chipotle.


Couple arrested for having sex at a Chipotle…sorry, ON a Chipotle


It's like the "Mile High Club" except only forty feet off the ground and on top of a Mexican restaurant.

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