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Bro Is Eating Chipotle Every Day for 100 Days to Raise Money to Frat Brother’s Cancer Bills

A few weeks ago I went on a rant about how much I hate it when millennials selfishly use crowdfunding campaigns for their own self-interest.

A Guide to Chipotle Menu Items You Had No Idea You Could Order

Well. You'd know about these if you read this post that I wrote a couple months ago, I guess.

5 Tips to Succeed at Chipotle

Chipotle is heaven sent. Previously a McDonalds investment, Chipotle has shed their shackles and is a great example of healthy yet delicious food.

Want to Know Why Chipotle ALWAYS Asks If You Know Guacamole Is Extra?

It takes a pretty elementary understand of economics to understand why guacamole costs extra at Chipotle.

This Couple Was Arrested For Having Sex on the Roof of a Chipotle by the University of Delaware

College kids, add Chipotle to your hook-up bucket list. Just don't get caught.

This Couple Went to Chipotle, But Instead of Getting a Burrito, Fucked on the Roof

A different kind of filling.

What the Hell, Obama? The President Needs to Explain Why He Had Zero Respect for the Sneeze Guard at Chipotle

Has this man never eaten at a fast food restaurant before?

What Did President Obama Order at Chipotle for Lunch? The World Wants to Know…


Guy Eats Two Entire Chipotle Burritos in Under 40 Seconds

The indigestion is strong with this one.

‘Do You Want to Go to Chipotle?’ – Finally, a ‘Frozen’ Parody For Basic White Girls

Chipotle is more than just a quick, nationally-beloved Tex-Mex restaurant; It's a cultural movement.

Chipotle Has Banned Guns and a Lot of People Are Up In Arms About It

Remember when you could just have a burrito and it wasn't a "thing"?

Bad News, Chipotle Is Raising Prices

That burrito is gonna hit your wallet a little harder.

These 5 Chipotle Secret Menu Items Are Gamechangers

The Internet has a pretty big obsession with "secret menu" items at fast food restaurants.

Chipotle to Frank Ocean: Word

Boss move. Classy, with a subtle dig.

Frank Ocean Sent Chipotle a Check for $212,500 and Told Them to ‘Fuck Off’

Oh, to be this baller.

Video: Bro Eats Four Chipotle Burritos in Three Minutes, Is Probably Still Shitting His Brains Out

Meet your new favorite food challenge hero, Bros. I can barely eat one Chipotle Burrito, let alone four in three […]

George Washington University Bro Eats Chipotle In the Grossest Way Possible

Madness. Absolute madness. This GWU Bro is so hungry, he starts licking his empty bowl in a crowded restaurant. Chipotle is awesome and all, but this is

A Mic’d Up J.J. Watt Trash Talks Ray Race by Comparing Him to His Burrito Diet

Short, but packs quite the punch. The Habenero hot sauce of NFL trash talk, one may even say. 

JaVale McGhee Offered 10 Lucky Fans Free Chipotle. Only One Showed Up

Talk about a hilarious fail. Though fans of McGhee or not, are there really that many people in Denver who didn't want free Chipotle?