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This Guy’s INSANE Wife Chopped Off His Dick And Screamed ‘If I Can’t Have You, Nobody Will’

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Has anyone else noticed that the stories involving chopping off dicks come from China.


Watch 10,000-Pounds Of Live Catfish Spilling Into The Streets Of China


It's not every day that you get to see 10,000-pounds of live catfish accidentally dumped into city streets.


This Old Chinese Dude Draining Buckets Is The Most Mesmerizing Thing I’ve Ever Seen


In the same way you shell out money for NBA tickets, I'd actually pay money to sit at the arcade at watch this old Chinese dude drain shots all day.

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One Chinese Company Is Offering To Pay Out People’s Year-End Bonus In The Form Of Sex With This Porn Star

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The Chinese New Year is only two short weeks away and that means BONUS TIME, BABAAAY.


Chinese Teenager Severed Off His Own Hand With A Kitchen Knife To Cure Himself Of Internet Addiction


A teenager in China is recovering after stealing a kitchen knife from his family and running away from home to chop off his own hand, in hopes of curing himself of internet addiction.

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Chinese Dunk Contest Participant Tries To Dunk Over 5 Dudes, Eats Shit Instead


Despite the objections of, well, pretty much everybody, slam dunk contests are still happening.


Shitter’s Full! These Lucky Chinese People Got Showered In Human Feces When A Septic Tank Exploded In Hechi City


Nothing warms the heart this time of year quite like a good old fashioned story about other people getting covered -- I mean, just DOUSED -- in human excrement.

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