Have You Ever Wondered What It Would Be Like To Shit Your Pants Off The Side Of A Mountain?


So maybe this guy didn't defecate himself from the side of the mountain, but if many of you were in his position you probably would.

fishing in China

Artist claims to love fishing—embarrassing pictures say otherwise


Here we see photos of a Chinese artist's interview, in which he gushed about his love and passion for fishing.

WTF China

Chinese hospital introduces ‘automatic sperm extractor,’ aka the handiest robot ever


A hospital in Nanjing, China has introduced the world's first 'automatic sperm extractor.

World Cup

This Guy Literally DIED From Watching The World Cup


Whoever said soccer was safer than football lied.

strange news

This Guy Had His Dick Stuck In A PIPE For TWO DAYS And Gave The Worst Excuse I’ve Ever Heard


"The tooth fairy talked me into it" would be more believable than what he said.

wtf videos

Watch a Chinese Prostitute Change Outfits on a Crowded Subway Train


She must be in a rush to get to a guy with a different fetish.

the chinese

Watch a Barber Stab a Complaining Customer IN THE CHEST


And the $64,000 question, Florida, Ohio or CHINA.

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