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Have You Ever Sold Babies To Sex Traffickers To Buy ‘Clash Of Clans’ Upgrades? No? You’re Better Than These People

Think of all the upgrades selling your spawn will get you!!

The Chinese Won’t Stop Killing Themselves Over The World Cup

China's been having a pretty shitty month so far.

This Guy Literally DIED From Watching The World Cup

Whoever said soccer was safer than football lied.

This Guy Had His Dick Stuck In A PIPE For TWO DAYS And Gave The Worst Excuse I’ve Ever Heard

"The tooth fairy talked me into it" would be more believable than what he said.

Watch a Chinese Prostitute Change Outfits on a Crowded Subway Train

She must be in a rush to get to a guy with a different fetish.

Watch a Barber Stab a Complaining Customer IN THE CHEST

And the $64,000 question, Florida, Ohio or CHINA?

Stephen Colbert Discovers Chinese Rip-Off of His Show, Reacts Accordingly

If there's one thing Stephen Colbert loves, it's America. If there's a second thing he loves, it's his intellectual property. So he's not just going

Chinese Company Gifts Employee of the Year a Night with Adult Film Star

An unknown company in Shanghai recently hosted a dinner for its employees. Among the attendees: a famous Japanese porn star. Was she there to just look presentable while pecking

Bro With Bottle Stuck Up Butt Has ‘No Idea’ How It Got There

A man in Fuzhou, China, went to the hospital complaining of intense stomach pains. After a couple routine X-rays, it was determined there was a

Man Commits Suicide at Mall When Wife Wants to Keep Shopping

WOMEN. Always be shopping. 

Bro Living In China Dresses Up As Roger Federer to See If Chinese People Think All Whites Look Alike

Spoiler Alert: They do. Or, actually, they might. In their defense this guy does kind of look like Roger Federer. I'd like to see him

The Chinese Have an Underwater Machine Gun

Earlier today, I made fun of the Chinese for taking kangaroo testicle pills to increase their virility. 

China Continues to Upstage US; Makes Law Against Reality TV

Everyone knows China will one day rule the world. It seems like they are making one of their first moves.

Chinese Hotel Accidentally Coins Arizona State’s New Motto

The Arizona State basketball team is currently in China, soaking up the culture and bringing goodwill through sport. Things seem to be going smoothly, except

You’re Not Going to Believe How Horrifically Crowded China’s Swimming Pools Are

You thought the subways were bad? This is like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie.

The Beijing Subway Looks Like the Worst Place in the World

All five of your humble editors schlep through rush-hour crowds to make it to BroBible Headquarters bright and early to bring you all the content

Here’s the Holding People’s Hands in China Prank

With prank enthusiasts LAHWF currently in China, it’s only a matter of time before an international incident sets our countries on colliding war paths.

Watch a Ridiculously Dedicated TV Reporter Cover an Earthquake in Her Wedding Dress

What did you do today?

Exciting New Job Opportunity: Move to China and Become an Internet Smut Expert

Plenty of dudes think they know porn. But few get paid to ply their so-called expertise. The good people of China are offering you, dear

Mother Lights Cigarette for Her Toddler. WAIT. What the F*ck Did I Just Type?

Here's some what-the-fuckery for ya. And yes, this is apparently real life and not an April Fool's joke. It's just how the motherfuckers in Shanghai

Chinese Bus Driver Almost Gets Decapitated When Pole Crashes Through Windshield

He’s lucky to be alive. Like, really lucky.

Important Video: Hooters Is Now in China

All that talk about China overtaking America? DON'T THINK SO. 

This Chicken’s ‘Monster Eggs’ Look Like the Beginning of a Threat to Human Existence

I've watched enough heinously awful straight to television D-List action movies in my day to recognize the innocent beginnings to a mutated monster species when

Hate Your Job? Outsource It to China So You Can Be Paid to Watch YouTube Videos, Like This Guy

Your first reaction to this story might be to be angry at "Bob" for his laziness, his apathy, and his general un-American attitude toward work

Dad Hires Online Hitmen to Hunt, Kill Son In Order to Cure Gaming Addiction

Hell yes. What a fantastic idea. Video game shamin’. Let’s hope it catches on.

Chinese College Student Saves the Day, Defeats Attacker with Spirited Kung Fu Kick

Minus the Kung Fu element, this seems like something specifically reserved for Russia. Regardless, it's great to see China join in on the "look how

Little Chinese Boy Gets Head Stuck in Stone Balcony, Hundreds Laugh

You're an idiot when you're a kid. You eat boogers. You wildly fling yourself off staircases. You find yourself constantly getting in cars with strangers

Sports Links for August 6: The Glenn Gronkowski Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today. 

Donnie Does Duck N’ Donuts

It's been a while since we brought you a video by Donnie Mahoney from Boston, but he's back and this time he's managing a Donut

Rollerman Coasts Down 1000ft Mountain in China Wearing Armored Suit Made of 31 Rollerblade Wheels

French daredevil, Jean-Yves Blondeau, put on his "Rollerman" suit and flew down Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie because the world loves an assh*le willing to kill himself

Chinese Acrobat Plunges Hundreds of Feet, Is Somehow Uninjured

A Chinese tight-rope walker performing a stunt hundreds of feet over a ravine with no harness fell on Sunday. Somehow, he didn’t die.

China News, That Would Be a Fleshlight, Not a Special Mushroom

Xi'an Up Close, a Chinese investigative news program, has aired, quite possibly, one of the funniest mix-ups in journalism history.

China to Build World’s Tallest Building in 90 Days, Setting Record for Dumbest Idea of All Time

It looks like Dubai's Burj Khalifa is about to get dethroned as the world's tallest building—by a 838-meter monstrosity that will be built in only

Want to Watch a Monkey Ride a Tight-Roping Mountain Goat?

This is one of these situations where the headline really says it all. This jamboree of the human spirit took place in China. We can

Stephon Marbury a Champion Again

Good for him. Seriously. When the former NBA star jettisoned overseas two-plus years ago, a lot of people assumed the worst, but Marbury

The Chinese Basketball Association’s All-Star Game Got Weird

The best players in the Chinese Basketball Association got together for the league's All-Star game this past weekend. Here's a sampling of that

Watch Donnie the Boston Sports Fan Teach the Gronk Spike While Brainwashing Chinese School Children

Another week, another Boston sports hero, minus all the fawking fawks of Big Daddy Smooth. This week it's Donnie -- a native of

Eel Removed From Man’s Bladder After It Entered His Pen*s at a Spa

How kinky are the dudes living in China? I can't lie, my idea of a spa treatment also involves some foul play with my prick.

Georgetown Hoyas Get Into a Brawl in China

So Georgetown went over to China to play in an exhibition game so as to expand international interest of the game but there wasn't much

Two Toddlers Just Smoking Cigarettes on a Train in China

Last May there was widespread Internet outrage about an Indonesian two year old with a three packs-a-day smoking habit. You might recall the rather sweet