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Chilean Striker Mauricio Pinilla Is the Real Life Gordon Bombay, Gets Tattoo of Crossbar Miss Against Brazil

Who would do this?

Bizarre Dutch Couple at World Cup Will Have You Scratching Your Head


A Chilean Bro Just Digitally Trolled Spain IRL


Spain Are on the Cusp of Elimination, and This GIF Pretty Much Sums Up Their Performance


Chilean Fans Stormed the Media Center, Created All Kinds of Chaos in a Rush to Get Into Match Against Spain

In a big rush.

Chilean Porn Star Marlen Doll Had 12 Straight Hours of Sex With Strangers To Celebrate Chile’s World Cup Victory

That's gotta hurt!

You’ll Want Chile to Win the World Cup After Watching This Inspiring Ad

It will give you chills.

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before: Soccer Players Try to Kill the Ref

Why would anyone want to ref soccer? What’s the benefit?