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Children Exposed to Penis Man and a ‘Pin-the-Tail on the Anus’ Game While Visiting UC Berkeley

Hot Tip, UC Berkeley: Maybe don’t have kids visiting your campus during your National Condom Week celebration, which, for some fantastic [...]

Six-Year-Old Students Caught Acting Out Rape and Drug Scenes From ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Parents of children at the Coed-y-Brain Primary School, in Llanbradach, Caerphilly (dear Lord is Welsh indecipherable), recently received notice from the school [...]

10 Names Parents Gave Their Kids In 2013 That Should Count As Abuse

This is the year that brought us Sharkeisha. Could these names be worse?

Little Kid’s Dunk Fail is Your Win

He's so excited! Look how he excited he—awww.

Antonio Cromartie Continues to Prove that His Sperm is a Force; Wife Pregnant With Twins

For those keeping track, that'll be number 11 and 12 for the Jet's cornerback. He better hope he strikes oil, gets a long-lasting reality TV