If You Ever Wanted To Make A Toilet Paper Gun As A Child, This Video Is For You


Remember the old days where you only went to AM or PM kindergarten which meant you were able to goof around the house for at least half the day.


Why Everything You Learned as a Kid Is Wrong


Remember all those priceless life lessons passed on to us in elementary school.

childhood truths

24 facts that will ruin your childhood


The truth can set you free, but it can also make the world a cold and bitter place.

Video games

‘Adulthood vs. Childhood’ is very accurate, perhaps too much so


Because I definitely miss those special movies I had as a pre-adolescent.


‘Nostalgia Makes Sh*tty Things Seem Good’ is the Best Damn Song You’ll Hear Today


I guess the writer and singer of this song, Mike Hadge, finally dug up that time-capsule he buried when he was ten.

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