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Chief Keef Allegedly Involved in Shooting in Chicago

Somewhat-talented rapper and complete idiot Chief Keef was caught up in a shooting on Wednesday morning.

Chief Keef Was Arrested Again…

Dammit, Chief Keef. Get yourself together...

Watch a Vice Documentary About Chief Keef and the Chicago Rap Scene

Vice's documentaries hinge on traveling to foreign lands where no one else will go: North Korea, Liberia, Libya. You kind of get the same feeling

5 Reasons to Be Happy Chief Keef Is Out of Jail

A few minutes ago, everyone's favorite 17-year-old rapper, Chief Keef, was released from the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center. The South Side artist spent

Rapper Chief Keef Is Being Sued By a Middle School Student for Child Support

In WTF rap news of the day, TMZ reports 17-year-old Chicago rapper Chief Keef is being sued for child support by a middle school student.