Guys Guess Girls’ Underwear Prices


It's ABSURD how much a silly small piece of underwear costs for chicks.


Arousing Facts About Female Masturbation


The folks over at Buzzfeed put together some interesting facts about how chicks pleasure themselves.

Gifts for girls

10 Great Holiday Gifts to Buy Your Girl for Under $100


As I am sure you know the holidays are right around the corner which leads to that uncomfortable time in every Bro's life where he is faced with the difficult decision of what to buy for his lady friend.


What a Chick’s Drink Says About the Way She Screws


Welcome to the Drunken Jungle – the perfect place for a true, all-American case study of stunningly beautiful degenerates, whiskey dust lepers and the outcasts of the sexual downtrodden.

facial hair

What She Really Thinks About Your Facial Hair


It’s known that not every guy can grow facial hair so when a guy can, there is usually a period of time in which he thinks a full beard is a good idea.


Back-Up Babes: The Three Ladies Every Bro Needs in his Back-Pocket


Being a bro, you rarely struggle with getting laid on the weekend.

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