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Chicks, man.

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Maybe getting murdered, or drive in a Lambo...yeah Lambo wins.

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Welcome to the Drunken Jungle – the perfect place for a true, all-American case study of stunningly beautiful degenerates, whiskey dust

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10 Breeds of Terrible Chicks You’ll Encounter Online and How to Avoid Them

Breaking news out of Skanksville college girls are whoring themselves out to wealthy, old men in order to assuage their out-of-control spending habits. The breaking part:

The 20 Hottest Hot Girl GIFs of 2012

GIFs have been on the Internet forever, but, looking back, 2012 might have been the year the animated GIF made its grand arrival to the

Things Girls Lie About

In her latest video with a gazillion YouTube views, Jenna Marbles breaks down the things girls lie about.