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The Definitive List of the Best Fast Food Chicken Sandwiches

Give us all these. Please.

The Chtucken Is a Chicken-Crab-Octopus Combination That Needs to Die Now

That above photo was taken by @Damana, after she went down to the depths of hell and was tasked by Satan himself with ruining the

New York Now Has an All-Nugget Restaurant

Quick, how much do you love chicken nuggets?

Chicken Nuggets Are More Disgusting Than You Thought

For the longest time chicken nuggets were the only thing I ate at fast food restaurants. I thought they were the safest. How wrong I

Live Chicken Not Allowed to Participate in Blackburn-Wigan Match

Blackburn sits 19th in the Barclays Premier League and is all but sure to be relegated at week’s end. Supporters aren’t too happy with the

Teenagers Play Chicken With Subway Train, Are Our Future

Teenagers at the Kingston Avenue station on New York’s No. 3 line decided to play chicken with an approaching subway train. Why? Because