Northwestern Football Players Celebrate More For Free Chick-Fil-A Than Upsetting An Overrated Notre Dame


On Saturday night the Northwestern football team upset a once highly ranked Notre Dame.

dumb crime

This Guy Allegedly Offered A Woman $3 And A Chicken Dinner In Exchange For Sex And I Can’t See Why She Declined


If you’ve looked at my Twitter lately (which I’m sure most of you haven’t because hopefully you have better things to do), you’ll know that I’m poor and hungry.

bro science

How To Eat Chicken Without Wanting To Kill Yourself


YouTube Have you ever tried to eat clean.

subservient chicken

Burger King brings back 2nd creepiest mascot ever


Depending on when you started wasting most of your life on the internet, you might have heard of a little gimmick from Burger King called The Subservient Chicken.


The Chtucken Is a Chicken-Crab-Octopus Combination That Needs to Die Now


That above photo was taken by @Damana, after she went down to the depths of hell and was tasked by Satan himself with ruining the world.

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How to make Chicken Nuggets from scratch


  There's always an argument over who has the best chicken nuggets (Wendy's), but why can't the answer be you.


New York Now Has an All-Nugget Restaurant


Quick, how much do you love chicken nuggets.


Chicken Nuggets Are More Disgusting Than You Thought


For the longest time chicken nuggets were the only thing I ate at fast food restaurants.

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