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Americans Will Eat 1.2 BILLION Chicken Wings This Sunday

God, how good does that above photo look? Crispy, saucy buffalo wings. 

This Video About How a Woman Should Eat Chicken Wings Will Make You Happy You’re Not a Woman

Chicken wings are my favorite food. 

Chicken Wings Are Coming to McDonald’s, Brought to You By This Incredible Photo of Ronald Creepin’

McDonald's "Mighty Wings" will be available in every McDonald's location starting September 24th and apparently they will be leaving every McDonald's location at the end

Bro Punches Dude in the Face for Pants-ing Him at a Chicken Wing-Eating Competition

I'm normally a violence-is-the-answer kind of guy, but this was totally uncalled for. He got pants'd but he was still wearing boxer briefs after they

Foods Every Man Must Grill: Chicken Wings

Editor's Note: This is our 4th of July installment from our friends at Men's Health. No exercises this time. Just a great recipe for chicken

NYC WingFest II Set for October 16 at Boat Basin Cafe

Last February, BroBible held its inaugural WingFest at Brother Jimmy’s in Murray Hill, playing host to over 250 wing lovers and 2,000 wings from NYC’s