Super Bowl Sunday

You won’t believe how high chicken wing orders spike on Super Bowl Sunday


Americans will collectively eat enough on Super Bowl Sunday to sate Val Kilmer's appetite for at least 20 mimnutes.

stolen pappy van winkle

$120,000 in stolen Hershey’s chocolate tops the list of 2013 food heists


The days of bank robbers like John Dillinger are a thing of the past.

Vietnamese Chicken Wings

7 types of chicken wings from around the world


When you take a chicken wing, fry it up, lather it lovingly in sauce and serve it, you’re combining a seemingly magical host of flavors and textures that Americans can’t help but love.


Chicken Wings Are Coming to McDonald’s, Brought to You By This Incredible Photo of Ronald Creepin’


McDonald's "Mighty Wings" will be available in every McDonald's location starting September 24th and apparently they will be leaving every McDonald's location at the end of November.


Bro Punches Dude in the Face for Pants-ing Him at a Chicken Wing-Eating Competition


I'm normally a violence-is-the-answer kind of guy, but this was totally uncalled for.

Mighty Wings review

First taste: McDonald’s Mighty Wings


Move over KFC, McDonald's is expanding their talonprint on the chicken world.

nutrition advice

Foods Every Man Must Grill: Chicken Wings


Editor's Note: This is our 4th of July installment from our friends at Men's Health.

wingfest ii

NYC WingFest II Set for October 16 at Boat Basin Cafe


Last February, BroBible held its inaugural WingFest at Brother Jimmy’s in Murray Hill, playing host to over 250 wing lovers and 2,000 wings from NYC’s most famous wing restaurants.