john daly

American Hero John Daly Was A Bartender At A White Sox Game


John Daly was a celebrity guest bartender for the Chicago White Sox on Friday night because John Daly was born to be a celebrity guest bartender.

web gem

Royals’ Alex Gordon Makes Unreal Foul Ball Catch, Wrecks A White Sox Fan In The Process


Kansas City Royals outfielder Alex Gordon put his name in contention for Web Gem of the year on Sunday, making a spectacular catch in foul territory.


Future Chicago White Sox Stars Beat The Hell Out Of Each Other With Baseball Bats


  This video purportedly shows players from the Chicago White Sox's feeder program in the Dominican Republic settling their differences with the help of baseball bats.

wife catches bat

Hero wife protects husband and baby from flying bat


There are two ways of looking at this clip.

New York Yankees

Is this the greatest sports closed captioning fail of all-time?


While Conor Gillaspie is not a household name, he is having a fine season and he certainly should not be mocked or pissed upon.

Hawk Harrelson

The Tigers beat the White Sox with a bunt and Hawk Harrelson basically stopped broadcasting


With two outs in the top of the ninth inning, Tigers catcher Bryan Holaday laid down a perfect bunt, scoring what was ultimately the game-winning run from third.


The White Sox Concession Options Will Be Out of Bounds with Bold Flavors This Season


The team now possesses no less than the greatest concession stand in baseball history.

Jose Iglesias play

Jose Iglesias might be a wizard or something


When the Tigers acquired Jose Iglesias they knew they were getting defense.

New York Yankees

Alex Rodriguez Got Booed Like a Wrestling Villain


To everyone’s surprise, Alex Rodriguez wasn’t welcomed back with open arms as he made his season debut last night in Chicago.

White Sox bloopers

White Sox gave us a blooper for the ages last night


There were two outs and the White Sox were leading 4-3.

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