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Older Bro Makes Fantastic, Death-Defying Catch at Wrigley Field

Worth it.

Jack White Threw Out the First Pitch at a Tigers Game, Didn’t Smile

Someone please tickle his orchid.

Anthony Rizzo Promised to Hit a Homer for a Cancer Patient, Hit Two Instead

Going above and beyond.

Jack White Went to the Cubs Game, Didn’t Look Too Happy About It

Someone tickle his orchid, please.

Junior Lake Runs Into Wrigley Field Wall, Realizes There’s No Padding

That's gotta hurt.

Cubs Fan, Marlins Fan Team Up to Create Delightful Moment of Human Kindness

People helping people.

It Sure Looks Like the Wrigley Field Scoreboard Operator Was Sleeping on the Job Last Night

Go Cubzzzzzzzzzz Go.

Chicago Cubs Auctioning Off a Chair a New York Yankee Sat On Because Cubs

Oh, Cubs.

400-Pound Chicago Cubs Cake Thrown Away, Team Disappointed

Oh, Cubs.

Junior Lake Wore the Wrong Chicago Cubs Jersey Today

Not cursed.

Baseball Is Back, Which Means Catchers Taking Foul Tips to the Dick Is Back, Too (GIF)

Ouch. It's baseball season alright.

Chicago Cubs Unveil New Mascot, And You Should Probably Sit Down for This

The Chicago Cubs unveiled a mascot yesterday. You know, for kids!  

Busty Women Dress Up as Wayne and Garth at Cubs Game

Yes, this is undoubtedly the highlight of the Chicago Cubs’ season. The highlight of any season, really.

Drunk Dude Outside Wrigley Field Picks Fight With Gravity, Gravity Wins

The Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals have a fierce rivalry. Sometimes that animosity manifests itself in unhealthy ways – like picking a fight with

Watch Harry Caray and Bill Murray Have Delightful Interview Before Wrigley Field’s First Night Game

The Chicago Cubs do things a little differently. For instance, this will be the 105th consecutive year without a World Series title on the North

Chicago Cubs Catcher Dioner Navarro Carted Off After Devastating Collision at Home Plate

Who wants to be a catcher? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Male Cubs Fan Bites Female Cubs Fan in Bizarre Mating Ritual

True love. 

Here’s a Wrigley Field Made Out of 60,000 Legos

There’s no better way to kill time and prove to the world at large you’re an absolute psycho than to create a sculpture of Wrigley

The Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds Played a Baseball Game No One Could See

The Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs played a game at Wrigley Field last night. Well, we think they played a game. It was pretty goddamn

Woman Dumps Beer on Husband’s Head at Chicago Cubs Game, He Somehow Forgives Her

This Rob Ryan-looking dude brought his old lady to yesterday’s Chicago Cubs game and he probably regrets it.

Severed Goat’s Head Delivered to Wrigley Field

People are apparently not entirely thrilled with the Chicago Cubs. What else is new?

Shockingly, Adam Greenberg Struck Out in His ‘One At-Bat’

Adam Greenberg, the baseball player whose only Major League at-bat saw him take a blazing fastball to the dome, got a chance to step into

Cubs Fan Sacrifices Scalp for Baseball, Does Not Impress

My God. What a terrible effort, job.

Marriage Proposal at Cubs Game Ruined Because Woman is in Bathroom

Men are still proposing to women at sporting events, which really shows evolution is slowing its pace. If you need yet another example of why

Watch Armless Man Throw Out the First Pitch at Wrigley Field…WITH HIS FEET

It may have taken him two attempts, but Tom Willis throwing out the first pitch this past Saturday at Wrigley Field is your warm and

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis Read the Lineups for Cubs-Marlins Game, Devour Pizza

The Chicago Cubs haven’t won a World Series in 104 years and certainly won’t be winning one this year. They are sports’ biggest losers. Now

Nick Offerman, Craig Robinson Take Their Stare Down To New Heights

There certainly hasn't been any shortage of Ron Swanson-related news today. Here, the "Parks and Recreation" mainstay takes on Mr. Hot Tub Machine (Craig Robinson)

Chicago Cubs’ Tony Campana Authors Slide of the Year

Tony Campana isn’t very tall or powerful, but, man, can he run. The Chicago Cubs speedster turned in one of the more athletic plays you’ll

Eddie Vedder and Chris Chelios Drunkenly Sing ‘The Weight’ at Karaoke (UPDATED)

We just received this video from a tipster that was at Stanley's Sunday night karaoke in Chicago when all kinds of awesome shot from the

Theo Epstein Plays His Cards Close to His Vest, Extremely Close to His Forehead

Hey, what’s Theo Epstein up to these days, you ask? How’s he assimilating to his new role with the Chicago Cubs? Is he the man

Alcohol Abuse: Foul Ball Causes Beer Explosion

Baseball is back, and that means foul balls wreaking havoc on unsuspecting spectators. 

‘Parks and Rec’s’ Ron Swanson and Craig Robinson from ‘The Office’ Argue Baseball

Last hardball season it was Alec Baldwin from "30 Rock" and John Krasinski of "The Office" battling each other for baseball fan supremacy

Cubs Fan Dad Catches Foul Ball with Baby in Hand… Like a Boss!

And the best one-handed snag of the day goes to: This Cubs fan. #MyDadIsABro? Definitely.

Pirates Pitcher Celebrates By Giving Himself Gatorade Shower; Bucs Still Lose

You probably have not heard of Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher James McDonald. Some of you may not have ever heard of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

VIDEO: Obese, Shirtless Cubs Fan Screams at Dodgers Fan

Maybe you've heard: Ballpark attendence at baseball games isn't exactly off to a banner start. And Wrigley Field is one of the ballparks where things

35 Years Ago Today, Rick Monday Made the Greatest Play in Baseball History By Saving the U.S. Flag

Thirty-five years ago today, on April 25, 1976, the Chicago Cubs took the field to play the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. During the