smoking jay cutler

This Green Bay Packers’ Hand Signal Is A Tribute To Smoking Jay Cutler


The Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears are mortal enemies, but humor has the ability to break down all barriers.


Chicago Bears’ Willie Young Did Fishing-Themed Sack Dance, And It Was Quite A Production


Sacking a quarterback in today's National Football League gives a defensive player divine right to the spotlight.

wrecking ball

Bears fan takes clothes off, sings Miley Cyrus because nothing makes sense in this crazy world


Prepare yourself for the best/worst Wrecking Ball parody involving a half-naked Bears fan.

Green Bay Packers

This Game-Winning Touchdown is Why The Packers Started Aaron Rodgers


The Green Bay Packers just won the NFC North in the Battle of Injured Quarterbacks Who Might Have Come Back Too Soon.


This Bears onside kick did not go well


The Bears are getting annihilated on Sunday Night football against the Eagles.


Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler Just Bro’ed Out So Hard With This Hug


Count Brandon Marshall as someone who is happy Jay Cutler is back.

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