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Martellus Bennett Suspended Indefinitely After Body Slamming His Teammate During Practice


Jay Cutler Shows Up to Training Camp In a Big Ass Van, Doesn’t Want People Calling It a Mini Van

Rob Ryan is not impressed, Bro.

Green Bay Packers Coach Mike McCarthy Hops in a B-17, Jokes About Bombing Chicago

He didn't actually bomb Chicago.

Chicago Bears Offensive Lineman Kyle Long Really Wants a Dip RIGHT NOW


This Game-Winning Touchdown is Why The Packers Started Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers just won the NFC North in the Battle of Injured Quarterbacks Who Might Have Come Back Too Soon.

Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler Just Bro’ed Out So Hard With This Hug

Count Brandon Marshall as someone who is happy Jay Cutler is back. 

These Drunk Shirtless Guys Are the Epitome of Bears Fans

Close your eyes. 

The Bears’ Brandon Marshall Had the Block of the Year Last Night

The Chicago Bears worked the Dallas Cowboys in just about every way possible last night, winning 45-28.

Alshon Jeffery Makes Delightfully Entertaining Touchdown Grab During Televised Game

Alshon Jeffery is really, really good. So good, in fact, that he’s outshining teammate Brandon Marshall. A week after this nutty grab against Minnesota, the

The Bears’ Alshon Jeffery is Only Having One of the Best Receiving Days Ever

It started with an 80-yard catch and run that channeled Calvin Johnson.

BOOM! Drunk Bears Fan Meets Sign Post in Most Delightful Collision Possible

Drunk people have bad coordination. That's a well-established fact. 

Tavon Austin Fooled Everyone on This 65-Yard Touchdown Run (GIF)

This is going to get an annoying Chris Berman sound effect on the highlights tonight. 

If You Are Going to Run on a Field, This Is the Way to Do It

A man at the Chicago Bears-Baltimore Ravens game decided to make use of the weather delay and an abandoned field. 

This Bears Fan Is Pumped Calvin Johnson Just Scored

I'm guessing he's got Calvin Johnson in fantasy. 

The Chicago Bears Beat the Green Bay Packers Because These Dudes Wore Cheese Grater Hats

The Chicago Bears went into Lambeau Field last night and emerged with a victory. That's rare.

Monday Night Drinking Game: Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers

Chicago and Green Bay play a football game tonight. These two teams really don’t care for each other. It’s going to be cold and Jay

Dickish Jay Cutler Makes the Best Vines

For all I know, Jay Cutler could be the nicest individual in the world. But I hope not, because he is so good at coming across

It’s Time to Take a Step Back and Deliver Week 6’s Thursday and Survivor Pick

We can definitely get a nice assessment of the NFL season after getting through the first five games. It’s far enough into the season where

Jay Cutler Is the Most Clutch Quarterback in the NFL (?!?)

If you've watched the Red Zone channel for the past three hours, you may now be curled up in a fetal position, drooling on your

Devin Hester Is Super Upset, Might Retire

Of all the coaches handed walking papers today, Chicago’s Lovie Smith is probably the most surprising name. The guy went to a Super Bowl and

Which NFL Teams Deserve Coal in Their Stockings?

The NFL playoffs are far from inclusionary. If you mightily suck for 17 weeks, you don’t get the privilege of competing for the Vince Lombardi

Brian Urlacher Is Not a Fan of Chicago Bears Fans

Brian Urlacher has seen his Chicago Bears falter recently and there’s nothing he can do about it since he’s sidelined with an injury. But dammit

Cocky 8-Year-Old Girl to Chicago Bears Mascot: ‘Deal With It, Bro!’

The Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears rivalry is no joke. People in that part of the country hate the other team as much as they hate

Which NFL Teams Should Take Their Balls and Go Home

There are some teams in the NFL that are really good. There are far more teams that should pack up their locker rooms and just

Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall Says NFL Players Have a Hard-On for Viagra

In the wake of a recent influx of Adderall-related suspensions, players all around the NFL are being asked about the current over-the-counter drug culture around

Some Bears and 49ers Fans Predictably Brawled Last Night

This will shock you. There was a dustup between fans at last night’s Chicago Bears-San Francisco 49ers game. Yup, drunk people shockingly acted like idiots

The 10 Biggest Dumpster Fire Teams of the NFL Right Now

Now that we’re more than halfway through the NFL season, we have a pretty good idea of what teams are really made of. And, holy

Here’s Brian Urlacher and His Movember Mustache Completing a Pick-Six Against the Titans

A Fu Manchu, no less. 

Official Monday Night Football Drinking Game: Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears

Matthew Stafford leads the Detroit Lions into Chicago to face the Bears tonight in a pivotal NFC North showdown. Jay Cutler will be pissy, Calvin

Here’s Our Official Monday Night Football Drinking Game: Chicago vs. Dallas

Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears take their talents to Dallas tonight for a matchup with the Cowboys. Not to turn you into a victim

A Wannabe Stripper Wiped Out at the Bears Tailgate Yesterday

Lot of apprehension on this chick's face before she executes a poorly advised spin around the pole. You want your parking lot tailgate strippers to

Here’s What Happens When a 310-Pound NFL Lineman Tries to Make the NBA

Former Chicago Bears defensive lineman Anthony Adams is a big dude looking for an NFL team. Interest in his services has been low, so now

Charles Tillman Owns a Math Teacher For His Pro-Packers Homework

Some real-life problem solving. Looks like this teacher better Bear Down. [H/T: Bleacher Report]

Devin Hester’s Jordan Collection Will Make You Very Jealous

Having a sweet pair of Jordans to rock on a special occasion is a beautiful thing. Having a couple pairs of Jordans to accessorize with

Watch the Lions at the Detroit Zoo Trample (Sorta) A Chicago Bears Figurine

This video represents everything I love about the month of October. NFL fanbases sh*t-talking. Fantasy league members sh*t-talking. Baseball fanbases sh*t-talking. College fanbases

Watch Devin Hester’s Triple Somersault TD Celebration After Setting NFL Record

During the second quarter of today's Bears-Panthers game, Devin Hester returned a punt return 68 yards for a touchdown. The occasion marks Hester's

Not Even President Obama Wants Jay Cutler Playing for the Chicago Bears

Today President Obama hosted Green Bay Packers at the White House to congratulate them for winning the Super Bowl. With the usual Executive Branch pagentry,

10-Year Old Kid Gives William ‘The Fridge’ Perry His Super Bowl Ring Back

Via the Chicago Sun-Times comes the most gushy, feel-good, and all-around awesome sports story of the day. A selfless 10-year-old kid from Pittsburgh pulled a

In Which We Wonder Whether This Chicago Bears Fan Ended Up in the ICU

Last week we learned that Chicago Bears fans have no problem showing their team spirit by taking off their clothes. On Sunday, history more or

VIDEO: Bears Fan Drops Trou To Celebrate Divisional Championship

Here's a video of a Chicago Bears fan celebrating a trip to the NFC title game the only way possible: By baring it all.