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Katy Perry Wins Halloween Dressed Up As A Flamin’ Hot Cheeto


Katy Perry has admitted being a big fan of not just Cheetos, but Flamin' Hot Cheetos, and last night at Kate Hudson's Halloween party Perry showed just how big a fan she is of them by dressing up like one complete with a bag of the snacks with handles and everything in place of her purse.

Chester Cheetah

Cheetos Cream Stew could be the best food ever


Cream Stew flavored Cheetos have arrived.

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Procrastinate like a pro with the help of Cheetos Cheetahpult (sponsored)


Cheetos has unleashed Cheetos Mixups, a fun party blend of four Cheetos flavors all in one bag.


Video: High School Student Wrestles Asst. Principal Over Bag of Cheetos, Now Faces Criminal Charges


A 17-year-old high school student from Lafayette, Indiana is in some hot water after he "allegedly" fired a bag of Cheetos at Assistant Principal roger Francis' head.

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