Don’t Sleep On The Chiefs Cheerleaders, They Also Made A HOT Bikini Calendar


The Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders, just like the Cowboys, Jets and Dolphins Cheerleaders, recently spent some time in a tropical locale to shoot their annual bikini calendar.


The New York Jets Cheerleaders’ Bikini Calendar Is Going To Be Really Good


As I said when we discussed the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders shooting their bikini calendar in Mexico a week ago, 'tis the season.


The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Are In Mexico Shooting Their Bikini Calendar


A couple of weeks ago we saw the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders having their bikini fittings for their upcoming calendar shoot.

delusional people

Houston Texans Cheerleader Thinks She Might Be Able To Beat Ronda Rousey In A Fight


Granted, Houston Texans cheerleader Antonieta Osuna isn't just some random model, she's actually a decorated boxer, but people really need to stop saying that they think they can take Ronda Rousey in a fight.


University Of Oregon Cheerleaders Dance Routines Accused Of Promoting ‘Rape Culture’

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The University of Oregon cheerleaders are known around these parts as one of the best college cheerleading teams in the nation, but to a least one person they are being accused of promoting rape culture on campus.

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The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Had Their Bikini Fittings And Some Smart Person Took Pictures


You know how every year NFL cheerleading squads, like say, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, put out bikini calendars.

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There Was An EPIC Cheerleader Brawl During A SIAC Tournament Game


The SIAC logo has the phrase "We Play Hard" as its slogan, but they also apparently fight really damn hard as well.

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Kentucky’s Devin Booker Completely DESTROYED A Tennessee Cheerleader, Apologized


Standing on the baseline can be dangerous, especially when your back is turned to the action.

cheerleader death squad

The CW Just Green Lit A Show With The Greatest Name Ever: ‘Cheerleader Death Squad’


I have no idea if this upcoming show on The CW called Cheerleader Death Squad is going to be any good, but you can't tell me that with a name like that it isn't going to have the kind of buzz around its premiere that Sharknado did when it first came out.


Bros On Twitter Want To Know Who This HOT Oregon Cheerleader Is

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No idea who she is or if she's even on the Ducks sideline for tonight's National Championship game, but Bros on Twitter are freaking out about this pic of an Oregon Ducks cheerleader in a warm-up outfit that started circulating today.

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