Bros On Twitter Want To Know Who This HOT Oregon Cheerleader Is

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No idea who she is or if she's even on the Ducks sideline for tonight's National Championship game, but Bros on Twitter are freaking out about this pic of an Oregon Ducks cheerleader in a warm-up outfit that started circulating today.

texans cheerleaders gifs

The Houston Texans cheerleaders took the Ice Bucket Challenge so we GIFed it


The Houston Texans cheerleaders are the queens of sexy YouTube videos so it only makes sense that they'd all band together for one large-scale Ice Bucket Challenge.

Texas Tech

People Are Pissed at This Hot Texas Tech Cheerleader, Because LOOK AT ALL THE AFRICAN ANIMALS SHE’S KILLED


"My, what a lovely room of death" -Ace Venutra in Kendall Jones' dorm room, probably.


The Buffalo Jills were allegedly told how to wash their vaginas


For the third time in a year, an NFL cheerleading squad is suing their employer for violating labor laws and inappropriate conduct, among other things.


Cheerleaders Lip-Syncing in Bikinis is a Nice Friday Pick-Me-Up


The performance is so hot you'll find yourself sitting through "Starships" for the first time since 2012.

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