This Guy Live-Tweeted The Moment A Girl Found Out Who Her Boyfriend Was Cheating On Her With


I dunno about you guys, but I LOVE when I’m present for horrible shit going down in public.


This Guy Caught His Friend’s Wife Cheating On Him With A Bartender So Duh He Took A Video And Put It On The Internet


I’ll never have the pleasure of being someone’s best man, but if I ever catch a friend’s significant other cheating on them I’ll sure as shit whip out my phone and start taping as proof.


How To Pull Off A Royal Flush In Poker Without Getting Caught Cheating


I would never in a million years advocate that someone cheats at cards, in fact I'd probably punch you in your cheating ass face if I ever caught you doing it.


Girlfriend Finds Out Her Boyfriend Is Sexting His Ex, Girlfriend Tweets What Happened Next


A college girl found out her boyfriend was stepping out on her via some naughty sexting to his ex.


This Guy Had Three Secret Girlfriends…Until They Figured It Out And Busted Him In Public


Who doesn't love a story about a giant bag of dicks going through some intense public humiliation.

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