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This Guy Proved That Threatening to Post Nudes of Your Cheating Girlfriend Online Will Get Her Attention FAST

"You was my baby, my fuckin' cinnamon apple!"

Throwing Boiling Water on Your Boyfriend’s Penis is Never the Appropriate Retaliation for Him Cheating On You

Stop it.

Sex.com Thinks Men Who Search These 10 Porn Site Terms Are Most Likely to Cheat

Everyone's favorite topic!

Is Getting a Lap Dance From a Stripper Ever Considered Cheating?

What you call cheating, I call philanthropy.

How Your Girl Is Secretly Cheating On You…Without Ever Touching A Dick

You never really know, do you?

5 Steps To Getting Your Girlfriend Back After She Caught You Cheating, According To A Girl

Sometimes this stuff happens, but you might be able to fix it.

10 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Your dick might not be the only thing she's riding.

Cheating, Explained

This chart covers every aspect of infidelity.

Nigerian Goalkeeper Basically Throws Ball into His Own Net Amid Allegations of Match-Fixing

Pretty, pretty obvious.

How Cheating Will Ruin Your Life

Cheating begins with a lie that you tell yourself. Everyone else is doing it! It’s not that bad! Nobody will know!

Apparently, the Bigger Your Dick, the More Likely Your Wife Will Cheat on You

Oh science. You crazy.

Michael Pineda Is TERRIBLE at Cheating

C'mon, dude.

10 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You

The signs are easier to spot than you think.

What’s the First Thing You Should Do When You Find Out Someone Has Cheated on You?

Cheating, joining the Navy, and Soggy Biscuits in this week's mailbag.

HS Basketball Coach Was Cheating on His Girlfriend With FIVE Other Women, When She Found Out She Eviscerated Him on Facebook

You might say that this guy is having a pretty terrible week.

Man Catches and Films His Wife In the Act of Cheating, Naturally Posts It Online For Us to Enjoy

Florida? Is that you, you old sly bastard? I mean, this had to happen in Florida, right? Fake or not, seeing this video and then thinking about it

The Top 10 College with the Most Alumni Who Want to Cheat On Their Spouses

Ashley Madison, the skeezy website where people do to arrange affairs, recently polled more than 10,350 of their members to discover where they went to college and what they

Tony Romo is a Filthy, Cheating Piece of Shit

These past few weeks have seen approximately 2,230,591 puff pieces about how Tony Romo is not the reason the Cowboys lose. 

Crazy Man Intentionally Smashes SUV Into Own House

If we believe YouTuber annahill3001 to be honest, then this was how a man exacted revenge on his cheating wife. 

Guy Finds Out His Girlfriend Was Cheating on Him with Little Person, Hilarity Ensues

Warning: This is loud and extremely dumb. Watch as a young buck finds out his little lady has been cheating on him with a little

Lindsey Vonn is Either Cheating on Tiger Woods or Not Cheating on Tiger Woods

Yeah, I could see how a report like that would piss a person off if it wasn’t true. It would take a special kind of

Bro Leaves Epic Morning After Note Under the Toilet Seat About a Cheating Girlfriend

Props to this Bro for figuring out how to perfectly inform this girl's boyfriend about his lady's cheating. Like a boss, he taped it UNDER

Think Your School’s Anti-Cheating Policies are Tough? You Don’t Live in Thailand

Above is a picture taken at a Thai university, where students were recently forced to wear paper headbands with two sheets stapled to the sides.

Is Sexting Cheating? A New Poll of Men and Women Say YES

Wait. Texting random chicks who are one-hundred percent not your girlfriend, "I want to dick you down so proper" followed by a photo of your

Miami Marlins’ Alex Sanabia Takes the Spitball to a Whole New Level

In baseball, if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. But one should be a little more clandestine in their rule-bending than Miami Marlins pitcher Alex

Science Thinks It Has the Cure For Cheating on Your Girl, and It’s Not Castration or Blindness

Hey Science, cure cancer, how about that? No? Too cliche for you fucking fucks? Everyone who knows how to make drugs or research drugs should

Girl Cheats on Guy. Guy Gets Revenge By Videotaping Himself Destroying Her Car

This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FUCK A STRANGER IN THE ASS! Or

Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me With a Girl He Messages On Facebook? Plus a Bro Seeks Proposal Advice

Submit your Ask a Bro questions here. 

Jilted Wife Buys Billboard Ad-Space to Say ‘Gotcha’ to Her Cheating Husband

If this is real, and not some marketing stunt, it beautifully illustrates the difference between men and women. Under no circumstances, if my wife cheated

Can a ‘Bro’ Be Monogamous?

I know the argument: How did we get here? Didn’t marriage start as a way of solidifying land contracts between kings? Psshhh. It’s not even

Lance Armstrong Admits to Doping in Oprah Winfrey Interview

I never thought we’d get to see this pathological liar admit that he’s been selling a false bill of goods all along. It feels …

Guy Asks People on the Street What Top Cheating Signs Are, Hilarity Ensues

Solid work by the interviewer here—the answers are amazingly candid. (Although that might be the booze talking.

How to Cheat in Sports

The following examples show how cheaters go about their dirty work on the field of play. But do not—I repeat—do not try any of these at

Amir Johnson Blatantly Double-Dribbles, Refs Refuse to Care

The NBA doesn’t even pretend to care about the rules anymore.

Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall Says NFL Players Have a Hard-On for Viagra

In the wake of a recent influx of Adderall-related suspensions, players all around the NFL are being asked about the current over-the-counter drug culture around

Imagine a Dinner Party Where Everyone’s Having an Affair with Each Other

The timing of this video couldn't be more perfect, with the David Petraeus saga getting weirder and weirder by the day. Maybe it's too soon

Does the Desire to Sleep With Other Chicks Ever Go Away? Plus Two Halloween Costume Ideas

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Bro Drives Down the Hersey Highway With His Friend’s Ex, Plus A Dude Nicknamed ‘Brown Hole’

As promised, here's your second set of booze-fueled savage sex stories of the week. Submit your Hook Up Heroes stories here. Take it away, guy

10 Reasons Why Men Cheat

Emily Hartridge is back with a new top 10 video, this time breaking down why men cheat. 

Website Hires Unemployed College Professors to Write Essays for Students

Talk about a site that's just daring you to get on its level.