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Cheating Girlfriend Gets Confronted by Her Boyfriend and the Other Dude She’s Been Banging

He keeps calling her a slut. She keeps sitting there not refuting it. At some point, after the camera stopped rolling, I presume, he realized

Bro Leaves Epic Morning After Note Under the Toilet Seat About a Cheating Girlfriend

Props to this Bro for figuring out how to perfectly inform this girl's boyfriend about his lady's cheating. Like a boss, he taped it UNDER

Guy Asks People on the Street What Top Cheating Signs Are, Hilarity Ensues

Solid work by the interviewer here—the answers are amazingly candid. (Although that might be the booze talking.

Bro Bangs Girl on the 50-Yard Line of Bryant Denny Stadium, Plus Other Feats of Heroism

Bros came out in numbers with submissions this last week. Enough that I'll almost certainly be running a second edition of Hook Up Heroes this