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Charlie Sheen Just Laid The Ultimate Smackdown On Kim Kardashian, Tells Her That Her Ass Is ‘Gross’ And More


Via Instagram The "cool" thing to do these days is to hate on Kim Kardashian, and basically anyone in the media who's popular.


Charlie Sheen Allegedly Pulled A Knife On A Dentist Because That’s What Winners Do


Charlie Sheen is in trouble with the law once again after he allegedly assaulted a female dental technician and pulled a knife on a dentist.

Ice Bucket Challenge

Charlie Sheen did the Ice Bucket Challenge, didn’t get wet, yet was still awesome


I wondered how long it would take for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to get around to Charlie Sheen, because I was dying to see what he would come up with.

Charlie Sheen tattoos

Here’s Charlie Sheen completely hammered at a Taco Bell drive-thru


Charlie Sheen continues to win at life as we can quite easily see from this video of him drunk talking to a couple of fans at a Taco Bell drive-thru.


Charlie Sheen and Rihanna are in the midst of an epic pissing contest


Charlie Sheen, always one to be tactful, is angry that he was at a restaurant that Rihanna was eating at and she wouldn't stop by to meet his (non-pornstar) fiancee.

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