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Charles Barkley Is Now So Bad At Golf That He Can’t Even Bring Himself to Make Contact with the Ball

I'm not actually convinced that Charles Barkley is bad at golf.

Charles Barkley: Still Turrible at Golf


Charles Barkley Hilariously Bashes San Antonio Women, Then Doubles Down the Next Night

Watch Shaq nearly choke to death from laughter.

Charles Barkley Thinks San Antonio Has Too Many Fat Women

Hot take.

Charles Barkley Has a Cramp

We can only guess how the great Sir Charles ended up so dehydrated.

Charles Barkley Screwing Up the Words To ‘Gin & Juice’ Will Make Your Evening

The following statements are indisputable facts — Charles Barkley was a great basketball player and Charles Barkley is the world’s […]

Let’s All Laugh with Charles Barkley Pronouncing the Name ‘Jonas Valanciunas’

Charles Barkley attempts to speak Lithuanian. It’s as beautiful as you’d think. “Auburn University!” [H/T: Guyism]

Charles Barkley Played Beer Pong for the Very First Time, Was Likable

Charles Barkley once claimed that black people don't play beer pong, so what was he doing PLAYING BEER PONG on HLN last night? 

Charles Barkley Celebrated Auburn’s Win By Rapping ‘Paris,’ Ripping Shots with Fans

Charles Barkley is a golden god. After the Tigers won in the most improbable fashion possible against Alabama, Sir Chuck made Auburn's En Fuego bar

Charles Barkley is Rooting for Alabama this Weekend Because Johnny Manziel is Miley Cyrus

Chuck is the king of hot takes, and this one about who he is rooting for in the Texas A&M-Alabama game is no different --

Watch a 6-Minute Montage of Terrible Charles Barkley Golf Swings

Charles Barkley is not a skilled golfer but he loves to play. This presents a problem for him and allows us all to feel much,

Feel Free to Watch Charles Barkley Call Skip Bayless an Idiot Over and Over

Last night’s Game 7 was Charles Barkley’s last TNT broadcast of the year, and he sure went out swinging. In the pregame, he went out

Charles Barkley Didn’t Hold Back on ‘Conan’ Last Night

Conan is in Atlanta for the Final Four and had the Round Mound of Rebound on last night. It was predictably entertaining.

‘Funny or Die’s’ Charles Barkley Christmas Card Video is ‘Turrible’

But that's just like...my opinion, man. 

The Latest Weight Watchers Ad is Just Charles Barkley Talking About His Penis

Weight Watchers is really pushing the envelope here. Not sure how I feel about that. Not sure if I want to live in a world

‘Dude, Who the Hell Are You?’ Charles Barkley Recounts Meeting Dirk Nowitzki

If you're making a list of guys you'd most like to have a beer with, Charles Barkley has to be a lock for a top-five

Sports Links For June 20th: The Sir Charles Edition

Some linkage from our sporty friends:

Sports Links For June 14th: The Wayne Rooney’s Hair Edition

Solid 'do, Wanye. Here's the rest of your sports fix on this fine, fine Thursday.  Craziest Bench Clearing Brawls In Sports [Bleacher Report] Note: Scotty Brooks Drives

Highlights of Charles Barkley Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’

Charles Barkley hosted "Saturday Night Live" last night for the third time and in one of his skits he has a commercial for

Charles Barkley, Kevin Harlan, and Reggie Miller Have the Microphone Gaffe of All Microphone Gaffes

Remember back in the summer of 2006 when a candid conversation between U.S. President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair

Shaq Offered $1000 to the First Person Who Got a Tattoo of Charles Barkley Kissing Dick Bavetta

This past Thursday night on "Inside the NBA," Shaq said "I will pay one thousand dollars to anyone who gets a tattoo of that picture

Charles Barkley Tells Heat Fans How He Really Feels

We're big fans of Sir Charles in these parts, so it's going to take a lot to get us to commit blasphemy about his lack

Video: Charles Barkley Destroys His Driver on First Tee Shot at Champions Tour Event

Charles Barkley has the ugliest golf swing in the history of mankind. So ugly that I literally thought the video below had paused itself for

Bro of the Week Ends In a Two-way Tie at the Top

It's been a packed week and there are lot of nominees to cover so I am going to embrace brevity for a moment and get

Charles Barkley to Cam Newton: ‘I’m Number One at Auburn’

Just in time for the start of the NFL combines in Indianapolis, Cam Newton came across as a huge cock (surprise!) earlier this week by

Charles Barkley: ‘I’ve Been Popping Those Viagra like Tic-Tac’s’

So, somehow we missed this golden quote from Sir Charles at the All Star Game on Sunday. Greek smoke bomb Maria Menounos asked Barkley what

Charles Barkley’s ‘I May Be Wrong (But I Doubt It)’ Music Video

T Mobile created a viral commercial / music video out of this TV spot of autotuned Sir Charles' catch phrases. It's missing my personal favorite

VIDEO: Charles Barkley Does ‘the Dougie’

We've said it before, we'll say it again: The Dougie dance craze has been dead in the grave for at least a month. Nonetheless, last