models saving puppies

Hot Models Devote Their Lives To Saving Hundreds Of Stray Dogs–And Sometimes The Headline Just Writes Itself


Gone are the days when you have to choose between smoking hot chicks and adorable puppies.


This Frat Just Changed The Lives Of A Homeless Family Forever, And We Need More Stories Like This

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The Iota Phi Theta brothers of Kean University in New Jersey just changed the lives of one homeless family forever by buying them a plot of land in Newark, and setting up a crowd fund to have a house built on that land.


‘Boob Aid’ In Japan Raised $50K For Charity And Isn’t It Time For America To Step Up?


A whole lot of titty touching raised a whole lot of money for an AIDS charity in the Land of the Rising Sun.

sigma chi

University Of Texas Sigma Chi Fight Night Raises $100,000 For Charity As Bros Knock Each Other Out In The Ring


The Sigma Chi's at UT have been holding an annual 'Fight Night' charity event since 1976, and in the 38th year of the event they've absolutely demolished the previous record for funds raised.


Watch women ride a Sybian in public…for charity


Simple Pickup asked women to ride the Sybian to help bring awareness and money to the prevention of female circumcision.

Sex toys

Hot Girls Ride a Sex Toy in Public for Charity, Visible Pleasure Ensues


What a bunch of good sports these ladies are for donating their vaginas to charity.

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