Here’s Sports Reporter Charissa Thompson In A Bikini Because ‘Happy Presidents Day’


Charissa Thompson is taking some well-earned time off from her like four jobs, doing a little sun-worshiping at the Terranea Oceanfront Resort, wherever that is.

USC Song Girls ice bucket challenge

The USC Song Girls and Charissa Thompson took the Ice Bucket Challenge


After this I dare anyone to say they're sick of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Sideline reporters

Charissa Thompson Is Tweeting Bikini Pics From Her Vacation


Charissa Thompson is every Bro's favorite sideline reporter.

sports media

Want to See Charissa Thompson Dressed as a Sexy Santa?


Friendships have been ruined over the "Erin Andrews or Charissa Thompson.

Steve O

Steve-O talked about pleasuring a horse on ESPN


Steve-O talked about pleasuring a horse on ESPN's SportsNation today.

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