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‘There’s Something to be Said for 20 Guys Going on the Roof and Showering the Crowd With Champagne’

So says a very happy Michigan State reader who sent in this photo of the celebration after the Spartans defeated intrastate rival Michigan on Saturday.

‘Champagne Facials’ Is Our New Favorite Tumblr

Legendary NYC party/nightlife photographer Kirill Was Here has a new Tumblr project called Champagne Facials. The name alone is self-explanitory, so we're convinced his hi-res photos of

Tim Lincecum is F#%!-ing Ready for His Champagne Shower

Yesterday the Giants bested the Padres to clinch the NL West. Last year's National League Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincec*m, who currently leads the

Ace Of Spades Champagne With Jay-Z Signature Selling For $100k

In 2006, Jay-Z spearheaded a hip- hop rebellion, boycott, and crusade against Cristal champagne, one of the ultimate rapper status symbols at the time. Following