Stephanie McMahon phone number

Here is Stephanie McMahon’s private phone number courtesy of Chael Sonnen


When it comes to trolling and pissing people off, there aren't many better than MMA fighter Chael Sonnen.

Jon Jones toe

Jon Jones gruesomely broke his toe while beating on Chael Sonnen


Jon Jones retained his UFC Light Heavyweight crown by defeating Chael Sonnen rather easily in the first round.

Sage Steele hair

Chael Sonnen touches Sage Steele’s hair during bizarre interview


A Chael Sonnen SportsCenter interview devolved into a bizarre discussion of Sage Steel's hair.


In Anticipation of UFC 148, Chael Sonnen Talks About Thug Life in Suburban Portland


Tomorrow, July 7th, Chael Sonnen -- the self-proclaimed "Gangster from West Linn" -- will return to the cage for a rematch against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

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