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9 Ways Chad Ochocinco’s Twitter Can Save Your Blackout Wednesday

In general, bros will find a way to involve babes in any situation. ("This funeral sucks. Maybe Will Ferrell was right about everyone being horned up? Girl

Chad Johnson Turned Himself In Following Arrest Warrant

Chad Johnson is getting attention, which he loves. Unfortunately for him, it’s because he just got arrested for violating his probation stemming from an altercation

Chad Johnson Bravely Admits to Starring in Threesome Sex Tape

Chad Johnson is incredible at showing up in headlines. It’s almost like he tries to be in the spotlight or something.

Chad Johnson Opens Up to ‘Inside the NFL’ About Altercation With Evelyn Lozada and Anger Management

Chad Johnson is going to be on "Inside the NFL" tonight at 9 p.m. on Showtime. If you don't have Showtime, or you want a

Chad Ochocinco No Longer Exists

Chad Ochocinco has eight-sixed his unusual and technically inaccurate Spanish surname. The verbose wide receiver and OCNN media mogul changed back to Chad Johnson earlier

The Taiwanese Animators Claim Actual New England Patriots Executed Chad Ochocinco

The Taiwanese animators have focused their efforts on documenting the Miami Dolphins’ signing of wide receiver and human mouth Chad Ochocinco or whatever his legal

Chad Ochocinco in Talks with P*rnhub to Change Name to Chad Seisnueve

The "unemployed black guy" as his Twitter handles says is doing well.

Chad Ochocinco Asks A Nation: How Long Should Condoms Be Boiled?

Chad Ochocinco's Twitter account tends to alternate between funny and annoying. He seems to be the kind of guy you love at the beginning of

Chad Ochocinco Wants Attention

The New England Patriots wide receiver has had it with you people and your inability to mention him on Twitter. He stepped out for an

Hey: Blue Mountain State Premieres Tonight. Here’s a Promo With Chad Ochocinco

Hey, Blue Mountain State is back tonight at 11 P.M. on Spike. And guess who's going to be on the season premiere? Chad

Boston.com Interviewed Possible Ochocinco Roommate Candidates at Last Night’s Patriots Game

That's Tommy B. He's had a few alcoholic drinks but far and away, he is the top candidate. He is also the owner of a

Some Gas of a Human Being Made a Craigslist Ad For Ochocino’s Roommate Search

As you may or may not know, Chad Ochocinco is in the market to rent a room in Boston. His objective: to see how the

Chad Ochocinco is Looking for a Roommate

Are you looking for a roommate? Are you in the eastern Massachusetts area? Well we have got a roommate for you.

Chad Ochocinco’s Bullriding Career Lasted 1.5 Seconds

Chad Ochocinco, NFL wide receiver, reality TV star, and professional sports Renaissance Man, rode a bull last night for a 1.5 seconds during a PBR

Chad Ochocinco to Get Four-Day Tryout with KC Sporting of the MLS

Now that the NFL lockout seems like it's going to be in effect for a while, players are starting to look for other employment opportunities

Chad Ochocinco Says He’s Getting Back His Johnson

Take this with as many grains of salt as there are Ochocincos in that bowl above, but Chad Ochocinco says he's changing his name back

Best Companies to Work For, Paralyzing Hickey, Ochocinco Parties with the Prez

Here are this morning's top news headlines... Business: Fortune has released its list of the Top 100 Best Companies to Work for 2011. Did your company

VIDEO: Steve Johnson Asks ‘Why So Serious?’ While Celebrating Touchdown

The Buffalo Bills came up big today against the Bengals, winning 49-31. After gaining a cushy lead in the first two quarters, the Bengals pissed

Chad Ochocinco’s Cereal Box Features Mistaken Number for Phone Sex Line

When Chad Ochocinco released his OchocincO's cereal earlier this year, it was an effort to both expand his brand even further and support the non-profit

Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis Explains Ochocinco and T.O.’s Late-First Half Absence

My loyal-to-the-end selection of Chad Ochocinco in one of my fantasy football leagues paid off in spades today: #85 was about the only highlight in

50 Cent’s Wild Tweets Call Out Tiger Woods, Lindsay Lohan, Kanye West, Ochocinco, Pregnant Granny

We don't follow 50 Cent on Twitter, but a Tweet just now by @OGOchocinco made us wonder if we're missing out: So we clicked over to

Besides Ochocinco and T.O., Which Wide Receivers Are on Your Must-Draft Lists?

So far this week, we've picked your Fantasy Football brains about quarterbacks and running backs. Up next: wide receivers. In my experience, this is the